[VIDEO] Hilarious Moment Reporter Stays Calm While Her Two Cats Fight in the Background

By Urian , May 19, 2020 08:09 AM EDT

A certain reporter from the Philippines was able to keep her cool while both of her cats had a huge fight right behind her as she was live during a TV interview. A certain Doris Biornia was actually caught off guard when two of her cats known as Bella Luna and Nala, suddenly started trading heavy blows during an interview that was done live.

Although the journalist actually kept glancing to her left while both of her pets still viciously started attacking each other, she was still able to keep her cool.

Right after the footage of the two cats and the news reporter went viral on social media, a certain Ms. Bigornia also shared the interview on her very own Twitter page with the caption "Children!!! There is a law in the studio."

The cats were not mindful of her at all and the fight gets pretty intense but the reporter was able to handle the situation professionally.


Reporters as home

The video has garnered quite a massive amount of shares online while people over social media have expressed their true amazement at how this certain reporter was able to manage to keep the interview going all the way until the end without falling and getting too distracted by the ongoing catfight.

With the ongoing pandemic out on the streets, reporters are now advised to stay at home and do their jobs inside their own place. Most interviews are now conducted online as everyone tries their best to stay at home to avoid the risk that this virus entails.

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Other reporters around the world

Just recently, a certain Will Reeve did an interview with Good Morning America and it seemed like the reporter was only wearing a shirt and jacket but had not put on his pants. It was an interesting interview and the reporter had no clue that people could see that he was not wearing pants at all!

The reporter actually put on a suit and coat but did not put on pants but what he did not realize is that viewers from around the world could actually see his legs. This was then a helpful reminder for every single individual at home who frequently make Zoom calls to make sure that both their top and bottom half matches.

There was another incident that happened where a certain Spanish reporter was doing an interview at home when suddenly a half-naked woman walked in the background unaware. The juicy part was that the woman in the background was not even his girlfriend but rather another reporter!

The scandal was done on national TV and a lot of people were intrigued by what on earth happened and why did the female reporter stay at his place. This became a serious issue due to Spain's strict lockdown laws and the fact that the female reporter was able to come over points out certain breaches.

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