[Video] Good Guy Twitch Streamer Tries to Give Back His Subscribers' Money During the Pandemic

Twitch streamer "BROXH" shows appreciation to subscribers as their loyalty grants him money from Twitch. The Youtube subscription "ItsTwitch" posted a video with the thumbnail "wholesome twitch streamer BROXH tries to return money after people sub to his channel.

The Twitch streamer BROXH was grateful for all the support he has received from people subscribing to this Twitch channel.  BROXH wants to give back the money he has received from Twitch after people subscribe to his Twitch channel.

In the video, he mentioned that the people who watch him don't have to subscribe to him because they can watch the videos he makes on Twitch for free. BROXH believes that is the best thing that his viewers can do for him. He also mentioned that someone commented on his live Twitch stream that BROXH should use the money he received for his family.

BROXH Twitch streamer

"Hold on to your followers' money when in the midst of the lockdown. Use it for your family." The person commented. BROXH read that comment out loud in his live Twitch stream video and was appreciative of the gesture. Moreover, in one part of the video, he expressed joyous exclaims when he reached the one thousand follower mark. 

BROXH also stated in the video that he was not trying to get his follower count to be that high and that his new one thousand follower count was unexpected. Another person commented on the live Twitch stream video and asked where BROXH's donation button was.

BROXH said that people should not worry about donations because he just wants the people who watch his Twitch videos to enjoy watching his videos. Throughout the video, he was continually thanking the people who support him through subscribing to his Twitch channel. He plans on buying wood for his future carpentry videos on Twitch and giving the rest to his family, specifically to his mother.

He's more thankful for the fact that he receives Twitch's donations because he can support his mother, whom he loves so much, and is considered she's the "main one who made me." BROXH was doing some carpentry work in his live Twitch stream video and was showing his viewers his finished works.

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Twitch: The Donation System

According to Lifewire, Twitch has a donation system in which Twitch streamers receive donations from Twitch's official partners. The money received in Twitch is named "Twitch Bits."

Twitch Bits is considered a kind of digital currency. Moreover, these Twitch Bits are sent to a Twitch streamer's account after a donation is given by any of Twitch's official partners. Twitch streamers are then able to purchase these Twitch bits and convert them to real money using Amazon Payments.

Each bit is equal to one cent. When these bits are used, Twitch users are then able to gain badges that are displayed beside their usernames in their video stream's chat room. As the bits used get bigger in amount, the badges' ranks will relatively go higher as well.

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