[Viral Video] Ever Seen a Remote Control Airplane Parachute a Chicken? Who Said Chickens Can't Fly?

Redditor, "u/Apertrue_TestSubject," reposted a video of a big remote-controlled model airplane flying into the air. A man in the video was seen to be in control of the model airplane. Attached to the tail of the model airplane was a pink and yellow banner that had some form of writing on it. As the model airplane took off and flew into the air, the pink and yellow banner unraveled itself and billowed through the winds.

A few seconds after launching into the open air, the model airplane ejected a small package. The small package was suspended into the air by a green and yellow parachute. As the small package came down to the ground, the video revealed that it was not a tiny package but a live chicken.

The chicken then proceeded to run around in the open field and into a warehouse on the left side of the area where the video was shot.

Just your normal, everyday remote-controlled model airplane flight. from r/Unexpected 

I'm Like A Bird

Air Age Media, a Youtube subscription, posted a video on how to fly model airplanes. In the first part of the video, Chris Chianelli, the host of The Radio Control Show under Air Age Media, talked about what makes a model airplane lift off and fly into the air is its power. He first talked about model airplanes powered by a person's arm power. A person makes a model airplane fly through the air by launching the plane with his/her arm.

The wings of model airplanes that are flown by arm power are structured in a way that lets air pass through. The air passing through the model airplane's wings then gives a higher lift to the model airplane. An ample amount of lift should be maintained to support the whole model airplane. Chianelli then talks about model airplanes that require jet engines or are remote-controlled.

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Remote Control Airplanes

There are two ways to fly model airplanes like these: a jumpstart hand launch and a take-off from the ground. When attempting a hand launch, a person should always make sure to keep the plane level. Chianelli described the experience to be like "playing darts." A person must aim for an imaginary dartboard and then swing his/her arm as if targeting the bullseye of a dartboard.

Moreover, when hand launching, a person must launch the airplane to the direction of the wind. Chianelli said that when using the take-off from the ground method, it is more advisable to use a model airplane that utilizes a tricycle landing gear. A person must first set the model airplane down on the ground properly. Next, using the remote control, apply throttle. This will accelerate the plane. Also, leave the elevator stick at neutral when applying throttle.

After that, allow the airplane to accelerate on straight with the rudder control. Once the wings start to gain lift from the acceleration, apply pressure to the elevator stick.

From there, the model airplane will lift off and fly into the air.

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