New Fortnite Champion Sekosama Caught Cheating: Loses $15,000 Prize and Banned for 2 Weeks

Fortnite is one of the hottest games out right now with challenges after challenges, competitions after competitions, it seems like the game is getting even more competitive as the days go by.

Fortnite champion player Sekosama banned for cheating

A recent champion by the name of Sekosama, the recent winner of the Asian leg of the entire The Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS), has just been suspended from the game itself and has had the prize money that he won taken away after he was eventually caught "teaming", which is a co-operative act that is actually banned when it comes to competitive gameplay.

The Japanese player has now lost his entire $15,000 winnings, and what's worse is that the player will also be serving a 14-day suspension. A recent report by Dexerto said that the certain benefits that the player gained from the illegal "teaming" were actually quite substantial.

It was said that Sekosama's own "teammate" would actually loot certain health packs along with other important items right before leaving them in a certain hidden spot in order for Sekosama to collect them. In a normal Fortnite match, this would have been fine, but since this is a championship match, this is not allowed.

Another technique that Sekosama's "teammates" would do would be to actually feed the "champion the kills which in turn gave him an elimination point as well as the certain items that could be collected.

Fortnite was quick to take action and actually banned Sekosama only a couple of hours after his supposed "victory", the player who then finished in second place, qjac, was then declared the champion for the whole competition.

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Fortnite gimmicks

Aside from just competitions, Fortnite has been going wild by even hosting in-game concerts, upgrading skins like that of the recent deadpool, and just going crazy on the whole game concept.

The good thing about how the game is structured is that the game has the freedom to actually go in different directions at once without confusing its players. From the early abilities like fishing and building all the way to interacting with gnomes and teddy bears, it seems like there's a lot to do within the game.

The game has definitely applied stricter measurements against Fortnite cheating problems to make sure that everyone plays fair and it is a good thing that Sekosama was caught just a little after the game finished. 

The game aims to be fair and in order to do that, Fortnite has to first eliminate the cheaters within the game. Although Sekosama did not apply any external software or bugs in order to give him an advantage, the main fact that he went against the rules with certain accomplices is already bad enough.

The game is a venue for people to enjoy and explore which is why Fortnite sues cheaters.

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