Fortnite v12.60 Patch Notes Fixes Some Bugs and Issues You May Not Have Noticed

Fortnite may not have announced all its updates in the recent v12.60 Patch Notes updates but thankfully, a certain Redditor "u/Jeff03blue_Instinct" regularly posts updates on his Reddit feed. The recent addition includes Epic Games Launcher patch note updates in full detail.

A question flair created by "u/Jeff03blue_Instinct" on Reddit tackles the patch notes for v.12.60 of Fortnite. Lists for both the mobile and PC versions of Fortnite have been laid out in the question flair. Below are the lists laid out by Fortnite in its v.12.60 patch note update.

Fortnite v12.60 Patch Notes Bug Fixes and General Updates

Generally, Epic Games Launcher fixed a lot of bugs that were present in the previous patch of Fortnite. These bugs include:

  • Creative errors on the visual error on some CREATIVE ISLANDS;
  • Malfunction on some WEAPONS and ITEMS (e.g. Proximity Mines, error on the weapon wrap when used on the Flashlight Pistol, and the inability to aim horizontally while inside a cannon);
  • Gameplay and audio errors when using CREATIVE TOOLS;
  • GAMEPLAY issues (e.g. unequal team matchmaking, Shadow Bomb malfunction, not shown player nameplates);
  • Bug fixes on PREFABS and GALLERIES (e.g. gallery name changes, unrelated showing of item in a specific terrain, not showing the weak points of several Monster Skull Gallery assets);
  • Bug fixes on DEVICES (e.g. Capture Area VFX malfunction, HUD device error, Hologram bugs); and
  • UI bugs.

In addition to the bug fixes, Epic Games Launcher will also be updating Fortnite with new weapons, items, game modes, and animation beautification.

Fortnite v12.60 Patch Notes  updates include:

  • The re-enabling of Riot Control Baton Pickaxe;
  • The refinement of the animation of the Dragacorn Glider;
  • The release of two new items: the Grappler and the Jetpack;
  • Adjustments to map terrains in Party Royale;
  • A new game mode called "Operation: Infiltration";
  • A 3D resolution setting for mobile Fortnite players, specifically iOS users;
  • Item property tweaking; and
  • PC controller adjustments (will be released after the FNCS Invitational Finals).

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Fortnite v12.60 Patch Notes  Bug Fixes and General Updates: The Unknown

"u/Jeff03blue_Instinct", however, listed in bold font the updates that Fortnite did not mention in its recent patch note update release.

Below is a list of all the unmentioned updates of Fortnite's v.12.60 patch notes:

  • The bottom left corner of the login screen of Fortnite now contains more information.
  • A new UI is set up for the mode selection screen.
  • The comment sections of 'Reporting' and 'Feedback' are now combined as one and exhibit a new UI.
  • Players are now able to go through their accomplished challenges with input from the controller on match recap screens.
  • For PC players, at the end of every match, the option "Shop and Locker" will take them to a menu interface wherein they can gain full access to the item shop and their lockers without exiting the game.
  • Compasses now show a red dot as a crosshair in the direction of an enemy shooting towards a target.
  • Sound effects are now revamped with the "Visualize Sound Effects" setting.
  • The menu for Parental Control and HUD Layout Tool is now seen in full screen.
  • Players' usernames are displayed on top of squad lists.
  • Device vibration can now be turned off permanently if a haptic engine is not present in a device.
  • New prefabs are added to the roster: Mecha, Monster, and Pressure Plant prefabs.
  • The Creative Quick Menu will no longer be covered up by mobile notches.

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