[Viral] Man Makes Awesome Darth Vader Face Mask: Here's How to Do Your Own As Well!

By Urian , May 27, 2020 01:29 AM EDT

A recent post on Reddit showed a certain man making a Star Wars-inspired Darth Vader face mask by attaching what looks like a type of Darth Vader mask cut in half to a normal face mask. Brilliant or crazy?

With the ongoing pandemic, the use of face masks has become an international norm with countries all the way in Southeast Asia back to the United States picking up on the trend of wearing masks.

My brother's new covid face covering. from r/funny

Just recently, Adidas released a face cover that claimed that it was not useful in any medical way but was purely for fashion purposes. The masks have made their way into fashion as well even with Disney releasing the Disney-themed set of facemasks that the young and young at heart can choose from.

With the ongoing demand for facemasks, why not make your own? There are many DIY instructionals teaching people how to make their own face masks in style for those who still want to bring a little bit of personality to the things they wear.

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Here are a few tips:

Assess whether or not you want to make one for fashion or for medical and health purposes

There are many masks out there but not all of them are actually effective when it comes to protecting you from the coronavirus or other possible sicknesses out there. There are cloth masks that aren't too effective, 3ply masks that do a decent job, and also N95 masks that are very effective against airborne particles.

Design the mask

The hard part about making the mask is making sure that it is both practical, functional, and also well designed. Weigh in those three factors and pick out the perfect design for your mask. In the case above, the Star Wars-themed Darth Vader mask really did work with an existing mask inside, and all it took was the basic mask cut out to be more comfortable.

Improve the masks

With design at the front, the mask might get kind of heavy which would mean that you have to innovate a way for the mask to stay in place. As seen in the Reddit post, the man attached a garter in order to keep the mask in order at the front of his face with the actual medical mask located inside.

Take care of your masks

You can apply certain measures to make sure that your masks hold like add in duct tape or glue on certain parts but it is still necessary to be very careful and make sure to take care of your equipment to avoid wasting all of those efforts you spent in customizing the mask in the first place.

Wearing a mask does not have to be so boring, you can have fun by both customizing your mask and wearing it just like how that Reddit post showed a guy who made his Star Wars-themed Darth Vader face mask.

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