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[VIDEO] Hillarious Moment Ride Operator Pranks Couple By Telling Them They Could Fall Off The Ride

By Jared N. , Jun 01, 2020 11:46 PM EDT

A video shared on Reddit's WatchPeopleDieInside subreddit has a couple on an amusement park ride. The caption of the post is "Seat belt prank". This title shows you where the video will be headed.

Seat belt prank from r/WatchPeopleDieInside

What Happens In The Video?

The video starts with the couple already on the ride. The camera is part of the ride, which records the reactions and actions of the riders.

The man is panicking while the woman is nervous and excited at the same time. The man wants to get off the ride, while the woman tells him to be quiet. This kind of interaction goes on for a while until the ride operator steps in to end their fun.

The ride operator tells the couple that their seatbelts are loose, which makes the couple nervous. The operator tells them that they could fall off if they don't tighten their seat belts.

The couple panics as they try fixing their seat belts, but their seat belts weren't loose. While the two were fidgeting with their seat belts, the ride operator started the ride, which frightened the couple.

The couple becomes scared out of their minds as they fly through the air on the ride. The man is flailing his arms around while the woman shrieks at the top of her lungs.

After a while of them screaming, the video ends. There is a more extended version of the video, which you can find here.

If you watch the entire video, you'll witness how the man honestly thought he would meet his maker. But don't think negatively of him for being scared since it's a natural reaction.

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What Kind Of Ride Is It?

The ride the couple are on in the video is a reverse bungee ride. The specific ride isn't shown or named in the video, but that much is clear.

A reverse bungee ride is also called a slingshot, ejection seat, or catapult bungee. This type of ride isn't to be confused with typical bungee jumping.

It was invented by a man named Troy Griffin decades ago in 1978. It has grown in popularity substantially, and it's a ride that is well-known by everyone.

Most reverse bungee rides will have a camera attached to the ride, which records the passengers of the ride. You will usually have to pay for the footage it records, though.

These kinds of rides will usually be found operating in amusement parks or as a stand-alone attraction. The rather minimal capacity that the attraction can handle leads the installations to be an upcharge. So, you'll have to pay a separate admission to ride the reverse bungee most of the time.

There are a few companies that manufacture reverse bungee rides. The most popular of the manufacturers is Funtime from Australia, who built the SlingShot ride.

If you want to try out a reverse bungee, try looking it up online and see if there are any near your location. If you do try it out, ensure that the ride has been officially inspected or else something might genuinely go wrong.

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