Three Teens Arrested for Possible Hate Crime After Mocking George Floyd's Death in New #GeorgeFloydChallenge

By Urian , Jun 02, 2020 08:39 AM EDT

The #GeorgeFloydChallenge is a recent trend is making fun of the ongoing sensitive situation. Just recently, a certain George Floyd has died with his neck under the knee of a police officer who kept his knee on the man's neck for three minutes after he was unconscious. The death of Floyd has become a viral sensation sparking hate and the urge to do something about the injustice present in society.

There have been peaceful protests that tried to get the message that BlackLivesMatter and that the diseased George Floyd deserves justice. The public demanded that Derek Chauvin, the officer who killed Floyd, be put to jail and not just dismissed from service.

The public outrage has started to evolve in a different way as opportunists have started to take advantage of the situation by vandalizing, stealing, and destroying both public and private property. Amazon, Target, and Apple are not the only businesses affected by this act of looting but small businesses pushed to the corner trying to protect their property.

The #GeorgeFloydChallenge

In an attempt to mock the ongoing cry of the masses, a certain challenge called the #GeorgeFloydChallenge which shows two participants reenacting how George Floyd actually died with one person imitating Derek Chauvin, the police officer who had his knee on Floyd's neck, while another person would imitate George Floyd.

In a recent turn of events, the British newspaper called the Newcastle Evening Chronicle reported that three teens were actually arrested on charges of possible hate crime after doing the #GeorgeFloydChallenge. 

The image was posted to Snapchat and showed one of the teens resting his knee right on the neck of the second teen. The boys in the picture appeared to be laughing and having fun at the prank while the picture's caption even said "police brutality."

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The Chronicle then reported that the two boys along with the third person who took the actual photograph were then arrested late Sunday on the accounts of "suspicious of sending communications that cause anxiety and distress."

A certain spokesperson for the Northumbria Police told the British newspaper that they understand that the certain social media post has already caused significant upset and that they want to reassure the public that the force is investigating the situation and treating it as a hate crime. The three of them have already been released on bail.

The peaceful protest turned to loot

What started out as a movement for awareness that BlackLivesMatter and a call for the justice of George Floyd somehow morphed into chaos as malicious individuals and opportunists have started to take advantage of the situation by vandalizing, stealing, and destroying both private and public property.

Even George Floyd's own brother called for peace as the looters and riots have started to get out of hand.

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