Darnella Frazier is Now Being Harassed Online for Filming George Floyd's Death Instead of Fighting the Cops

George Floyd's death has brought a global outcry and national protest of people gathering in Minneapolis and other parts of the country trying to shed light on the harassment that happened to the poor man who was unlawfully killed by a certain police officer.

A certain Darnella Frazier, the 17-year-old who shot the initial video of George Floyd's slow death being killed by a police officer says that she is being harassed online and receiving serious concerning messages. Frazier had the initiative to take the video as proof of the police brutality and also the pain that was felt by thousands of people from all around the country but she is now the subject of harassment.

Darnella Frazier

According to the 17-year-old's Facebook page, she has actually been receiving a numerous amount of questions as to why she did not try to fight off the police during the whole 10-minute video showing the police kneeling on Floyd's neck. Her response was that she was too scared to try to fight off the cops in order to help George Floyd but some people were not satisfied with her answer.

Frazier's response was that she did not actually expect anyone to react that way and that it was not easy in her position to fight back against armed cops as they were holding down a person who was much bigger than her. She also later posted that she did not try to get involved because she did not want anyone else to be killed in the same way that George Floyd was being killed.


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The backlash on social media

Frazier also noted out to those cops would have still remained in their position and would have still had their jobs if it was not for her taking the video. She said that if it was not for her, "4 cops would've still had their jobs" explaining that it would have caused bigger problems.

She also noted that if she did not take the video as evidence, the police would have easily swept the case under the rug with the usual cover-up story. She urged people that instead of bashing her, they should be thanking her for actually taking the video.

She also said that to anyone with anything negative to say about her or the video, they should result to just blocking her since she is not forcing anyone to watch the video of George Floyd's death.

George Floyd protests turned loots

Despite the noble intent of a peaceful protest to voice out the injustice done to Floyd and that BlackLivesMatter, people with malicious intents have started looting and taking advantage of the situation for personal gains.

The looters do not discern from black or white owner as they destroy both public and private properties along their way.

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