FaceApp Privacy Concerns Resurrect Amid New Gender-Bending Feature Craze: Here's Why It's Safe [and Maybe Not]

Famous FaceApp is not just about the gender-bending pictures trend. A new trend has come upon the internet world, specifically on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Google Play Store and the App Store's newest mobile application, Faceapp, has taken up the reins as one of the leading camera and photo editing apps in the industry today. In accordance with a Forbes article, FaceApp has been used by many people since 2019. Its release year was three years ago in 2017. 

Russian photo editor app

The photo editor app grew popular when a trend of adding an aging filter to one's present photo rose last year. Since then, the popular mobile app has been used as an amusing way to edit photos in Instagram feeds and Facebook albums. These days, however, Faceapp has released a new feature that allows its users to add a gender-bending filter to their images.

Fans of the trend started to post numerous pictures of their alternate selves in their social media feeds and profile pages. It has been established through the viral trend that the camera and picture editing app is a fun and amusing way to add unique and funny filters to their photos.

However, sources state that this mobile app may bestow an invasion of privacy to a person's private and confidential information.

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FaceApp 101: The Privacy Issues

As stated earlier, Faceapp was globally released in online application stores three years ago in 2017 by Russian creators. It was only last year that many people started to take notice of the camera app.

Ever since its rapid popularity growth, people stressed out many concerns regarding the photo editing app having the ability to have complete access to countless images of people. Despite those worried and concerned thoughts, analysts have discovered that Faceapp is, in fact, safe for anyone to use.

The reason as to why people were concerned about the camera app is the popular trend aura that it exudes. Because of the extensive reach that the app has displayed, it is only natural that people will question its safety since it does involve private pictures of people.

Users of Faceapp, however, should not worry about this because the ongoing trend only intensified the "risks" that this app demonstrates. This phenomenon usually happens with things that go popular or are a prominent trend. It may seem like the camera and photo editing app was cleared from any suspicious activity. However, in December 2019, Faceapp was given a warning by the FBI.

The FBI stated that the creators of the app had built an app that may or may not pose a counterintelligence threat. Yaroslav Goncharov, the owner of the Russian photo editing app, stated that the photos that were edited through the app were not used anywhere else but within the app only.

He also emphasized on the fact that the internal systems of Faceapp automatically erases image data from its servers after a day.  When a user does not edit a photo in the last 24-48 hours, Faceapp will automatically erase that photo from its servers.

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