Meet Robert Petersen: The Man Behind Trending Police App "Hey Siri, I'm Being Pulled Over"

Robert Petersen, the creator of Siri's newest feature, has just released a feature wherein iPhone users are now given the ability to document through voice recordings their interactions with law enforcers. The American phone company incorporated this feature into the Siri application within the iOS software, activating the feature when the phrase "Hey Siri, I'm being [or getting] pulled over." is stated out loud by the mobile phone owner.

This Siri feature is installed separately in Apple's App Store. Once this feature is installed, people can just utter the phrase mentioned above and their iPhones will automatically start recording. Moreover, once Apple's newest feature has been activated, any application that produces sound in the phone will be paused.

Additionally, the mobile device will automatically switch to its "Do Not Disturb" mode. This is to avoid any possible calls that may happen during the voice recording.

Voice recording on your phone

The brightness of the Apple phone will also be reduced to conserve the battery of the device while it makes its voice recording. The Siri feature will also be sending out a message to a contact of one's choosing. The contact person must be someone that an iPhone user trusts.

The message will contain details about the matter of the iPhone user being pulled over. As the recording comes to an end, it is sent to that contact person. Then, the iPhone user will be given the choice to forward the recording to his/her Dropbox account or iCloud.

Robert Petersen and the 'Hey Siri, I'm Getting Pulled Over' App

Robert Petersen, a Reddit user, produced this Siri feature back in 2018. However, due to some issues, the mobile application has been in the works lately to remove the bugs in the app. It was also renamed as the "I'm being pulled over" feature within the Siri application.

The Siri feature creator stated in a KCTV News interview, an associate of the world-renowned news television channel CNN, that he believed that people should have concrete evidence on their stories of interacting with law enforcers. Robert Petersen mentioned that it is unpredictable when an event like this could have an unexpected outcome, granting iPhone users leverage on these kinds of events.

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He also indicated that if this feature only benefits one person out of tens of thousands, he will be more than happy that he created this application. The "I'm being pulled over" feature in Siri was used a lot when it was released into the world. People now have started to get ahold of this feature and have been utilizing it ever since.

There are a total of five steps when downloading this Siri feature. First, an iPhone user must install the "Shortcuts" app from the App Store into his/her device. Second, that person must go to the "Settings" application in his/her phone and find the "Shortcuts" option.

From there, he/she must press the "Shortcuts" option and turn on the "Allow Untrusted Shortcuts" option. Next, he/she must use this Safari link to install the "I'm being pulled over" feature into his/her iPhone. After that, press the "Get Shortcut" button.

As the link opens, go to the bottom part of the link and select the "Add Untrusted Shortcut" button. Lastly, select the contact person that you will be interacting with when a law enforcer interaction arises.


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