[Fact Check] Is the Black Lives Matter Foundation Santa Clarita GOfundme Account by Robert Ray Barnes Legit?

In reference to the initial article that revealed information about the donations, it was stated there that Robert Ray Barnes is the man receiving the donation money to the Black Lives Matter foundation. This foundation is the result of the recent movement in the GoFundMe fundraising platform.

People also announced in one of its articles that approximately $4 million worth was amassed by the people who were willing enough to donate in response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Donation to the movement

Prominent and well-known corporations such as Microsoft, Google, and Apple have offered their hands in raising this amount of donation money for the movement. However, these companies and the people involved in the increasing of funds for the movement have donated to the wrong foundation. 

A foundation called the "Black Lives Matter Foundation" is an entirely different fundraising foundation that has absolutely no connection to the "Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation."

According to an article by CBS Los Angeles, the "Black Lives Matter Foundation" was officially registered as a legitimate foundation way back in 2015. Moreover, this foundation started in 2013.

Robert Ray Barnes and others who benefit

Robert Ray Barnes is the founder of the "Black Lives Matter Foundation." He created this foundation in the Santa Clarita area of California. Barnes's foundation is built on the sole objective of utilizing creative and inventive ways to unite the police community with the general public. 

This is to prevent any loss of life and to ultimately save the lives of people. The foundation's objective was officially stated in a 2017 public statement. 

Barnes, the spearhead of the foundation, told CBS2 that the purpose of this foundation is to consolidate together the public and the police to spread peace and tranquility within the two communities.

In addition to all of this, Los Angeles Magazine has also released a recent article on the matter. It mentioned that the movement "Black Lives Matter" was initially created by three people back in 2013, which was mentioned earlier in this article.

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The movement continues

The three founding members of the movement back in 2013 are Opal Tometi, Patrisse Cullors, and Alicia Garza. This movement gained social awareness back in 2014. Despite the recognition, the three members did not officially register this movement as a legitimate organization.

Robert Ray Barnes, on the other hand, saw to that and officially registered this movement as the "Black Lives Matter Foundation" under his name.

In legal terms, there are no copyright issues to this because no one registered this movement as an official organization that was meant to bring the police and the general public together.

The donations sent to Barnes's foundation will be used to promote the harmonious relationship between the law enforcing policemen and policewomen and the public community.

In December 2019, however, a cease-and-desist order was created against Barnes and the foundation. This was implemented by Xavier Becerra, an attorney based in California. It was written in the order that the foundation of Barnes to be shut down entirely, not excluding anything within the foundation.

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