WWDC 2013: Top 3 announcements we can expect from Apple

By Anu Passary , Jun 10, 2013 09:54 AM EDT

The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2013) is set to kick off, Monday, and eager iFans would be hoping that Apple makes some exciting product announcements.

We take a look at the top three announcements which are plausible and Apple may make:

1. iOS 7

With banners sporting the number "7" adorning the event venue, speculations are rife that it hints at Apple unveiling the next-gen platform iOS 7. Apple has released a new iOS every year since it launched the first-gen iPhone back in 2007. WWDC 2013, market observers opine, will see the most valuable company in the world take the wraps off iOS 7.

What's more, unlike iOS 5 and iOS 6, which brought minimal features and additions to the user iPad and iPhone experience, Apple is expected to introduce major changes with the iOS 7.

2. New Macs

At WWDC 2012, Apple refreshed its MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with newer processors and other hardware upgrades. Last year, it debuted the MacBook Pro with Retina display. This time round too, Apple is widely speculated to introduce new MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs.

The MacBooks would, however, not get any design changes this year but they will get an updated processor - Intel's next-gen Haswell.

Moreover, as we previously reported, the MacBook Air will not only be upgraded to Intel's Haswell processor, but will also benefit from dual built-in microphones. It is also rumored to get a new 1080p camera.

The Retina MacBook Pro, on the other hand, is speculated to get a bumped up camera i.e. from HD to full HD.

3. iRadio

Rumors pertaining to the iRadio have been swirling since 2012. Earlier in January this year, BTIG analyst Richard Greenfield disclosed that the iRadio was in the works and Apple was set to release the Internet music-streaming service soon.

iRadio, it is rumored, will tie in with a user's iTunes Store account. However, at this juncture it is not known if the service will be free (and ad supported) or subscription-based. Apple is also believed to have inked deals with major record labels and may share revenue generated from its iAd advertising platform.

Recently, we reported that the Sony too has come on board a few days ago, indicating that Apple will likely introduce iRadio at the WWDC 2013 on June 10.

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