WATCH! New Hatching-Egg Prank Has People Cracking Up!

By Urian , Jun 24, 2020 04:12 AM EDT

There's a new prank on the loose where people are pretending that their grocery-bought eggs are going to hatch! The prank is done by taking out the insides of the egg and inserting your finger in while pretending to slowly break the shell.

The prank has already made its way to countless social media platforms and a specific video on Reddit has been getting attention as a certain person pranks their companion into frantically looking for both a box and a light for the "hatching" egg. The prankster then slowly breaks the shell in order to allow just a peak of the finger before revealing that what's inside the egg is just a finger itself.

The Miracle of Life from r/Unexpected


According to the reactions, the prank is quite believable and easy to do to people who are not too familiar with chicks hatching from the eggs. Even if they are familiar, if you position the egg carefully making it look as natural as possible, you'll easily get away with the prank and have no problem pulling it off.

The viral Reddit video

The Reddit video is titled "The Miracle of Life" which tricks not only the one being pranked in the video but also those watching the video itself. The camera is angled in a way that you can only see the top view of the egg making it hard to see the finger that is already inside the egg itself.

The video has also been uploaded to YouTube and is an entertaining video to watch if you are fond of simple and harmless pranks that are not harmful and just involve simply joking around. The viral video already has a little more than 10,000 likes despite only being uploaded on June 13.

The prank ends with the one being pranked trying to help the prankster by opening a bit of the shell while the prankster's fingernail was sticking out and they were speculating it to be a beak. The video ends with the one being pranked being surprised and saying "you're the worst."


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Be careful when pranking

Although pranks have been popular for quite a bit, there are some pranks that have actually ended up being harmful to both parties. There are some pranks where either the prankster gets hurt or the one being pranked gets hurt.

It is advisable to be careful when pranking people because there have already been a number of deaths that are prank related and although these pranks were done without malicious intent, there were certain accidents that happened in response to the prank.

A certain video by WatchMojo shows just exactly how pranks have gone wrong titled the "Top 10 Hidden Camera Pranks Gone Wrong." Although some of these pranks were done without hurtful intent, the result of some of these pranks actually resulted in fatal injuries or even death.

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