'Elon Musk' GoFundMe Account Asking Support to Colonize Mars Spotted: How Much Did It Make So Far?

Something really odd has recently happened on the GoFundMe platform that allows people to donate and support different causes and different movements by other people all around the world. One of the most recent interesting accounts is a certain account by a particular Alex Crow that says in bold letters "ELON MUSK."

Alex Crow's ELON MUSK

The post starts with the line "I THINK WE CAN COLONIZE MARS." Which, if you are a fan of Musk, is something that the SpaceX CEO is very passionate about. The description then follows up by saying the whole process is easy and simple.

The post argues that it can be done by transporting cargo all the way to 0 gravity and that it would be possible to "DO YOUR CONSTRUCTION" in the presence of zero gravity.

The post even claims that the person behind the account is capable of building an elevator tube that can reach up to 10 miles high in a particular Horry County in South Carolina. The description then rambles on about a certain Matt Maddox who is allegedly a CEO of the Wynn Casino and also a "COLLEGE PLEDGE BROTHER" that the description says would build 10 different Casinos in Myrtle Beach.

The description goes on to say that the person behind the account has the ability to get the land needed and that the person even has the land itself. The description ends by saying that everything is "10 PERCENT" to the person behind the account and that it is possible to use the "US SPACE FORCE TO CONSTRUCT IT.

Not surprisingly, the fundraiser is asking for $1 billion USD but has not been fully funded. The Billionaire Elon Musk is reportedly worth $42.5 billion USD. The post uses the picture of a certain person but it has not been clarified if the person is Alex Crow or just another random person.

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Elon Musk's popularity

Elon Musk has become very popular in different dimensions of the world and even out of this world as the recent success of his SpaceX was able to bring astronauts to the International Space Station. Aside from this, the CEO has also been advancing his Tesla company which focuses on electric cars.

The previous PayPal founder's Tesla has been growing in popularity as the UK has already announced that it will phase out petrol and diesel cars by the year 2035 in hopes of saving the environment.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO has also recently had a child with Canadian popstar Grimes and due to the name of their baby, there has been quite the conversation on social media.

The Tesla Model 3 has also gained popularity in California and has finally been announced the top-selling car in the area not just against electric cars but in general.

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