Microsoft Boss Reveals Xbox Series X Will Focus On Improving Immersion Instead Of Visuals: Here's Why

Phil Spencer, Microsoft's head of Xbox, is focusing on immersion instead of visuals to make gamers want to buy the upcoming video game console, the Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X
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During a keynote during Game Lab Live, interviewer Seth Schiesel asked Phil Spencer about what the experiences will be like that will be utilizing the maximum potential of the Xbox Series X.

What Did Phil Spencer Say?

Spencer stated that the question is a difficult one since people are hoping that the Xbox Series X will have a few technologies from other platforms that are only possible on or only shows up on those platforms, and he thinks it has been a matter of degrees for a while.

When you compare how it is now to previous generational differences, it would have been clearer back then to determine what kinds of games would be possible with new hardware. Spencer brought up how changing from two-dimensional games to three-dimensional games will be a clear difference for gamers.

Spencer thinks that video games are at the point where with the modern tools that developers have and the computing power potential makes it so that any improvement to the modern graphics we have today will have a minimal difference to regular players. He says that features that used to be impossible to put in a game are now possible to implement.

This is why developers will now have to focus on making their video games more immersive instead of improving the visuals that can't be improved much further with current technology.

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Is Modern Technology At A Standstill?

The benefits of technology today will be clear when its power is focused on getting rid of slow loading times as well as fluctuating low frame rates, which is what Spencer believes to be factors that hurt the immersion of gamers.

With today's hardware, we can achieve almost genuinely realistic graphics, even with this generation's consoles.

Spencer thinks that when you take the almost lifelike graphics we have right now and combine it with smooth high frame rates with low input lag and amazing storytelling that will make you feel things you've never felt before and it immerses you in the game really well, then that's something that Spencer feels would improve video games significantly.

Spencer claims that he has no idea if it goes from point A to point B when it comes to how capable features are, but he has an idea when it comes to immersion in the content that's already coming out right now. He is confident that the future of video games will bring immersive stories that will leave a lasting impact on gamers.

However, the immersive experience on Xbox will, of course, cost you. Microsoft hasn't revealed how much they'll be selling the Xbox Series X for yet, but an analyst has claimed that the expected price will be from $450 to $500.

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