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[PHOTOS] Architect Designs Solar-Powered 'Floating Houses' That Can Rise and Fall With The Tides

By CaseQ. , Jun 26, 2020 01:54 AM EDT

Filipino architecture firm Deo Alrashid Alam Design Architecture (DADA) Design has a solution to disaster-ridden countries such as the Philippines. Together with his team, the firm has designed houses anchored to the sea bed that can rise and fall with the tides possible. 

In the Philippines, for instance, When Typhoon Haiyan struckalmost 7 years ago, it caused almost $3 billion-worth of damages, more particularly in the region of Visayas which is home to 17 million people.  That's about to change, hopefully.

Current for Currents
(Photo : Dada Design)

"Current for Currents"

The housing project which is called 'Currents for Currents' housing project could combat the vulnerability of waterfront areas in the face of harsh natural disasters.

Although not much details were given, the DADA Design home page describes the project aims to fulfill the need for reliable electrical power infrastructure in the region of Mindanao and make coastal communities more resilient in the midst of typhoons and rising sea levels.

The housing design and site plans are based on the current housings of the Tausug, Samal, and Badjao tribes being mindful of imposing modern technology on the deeply rooted and old-world cultures.

In the video, you can see that each of the housing units would be anchored to the sea bed using moulded plastic anchor. It is possible that these houses could be constructed across the world.  

The house designs make it possible for it to power themselves using solar and tidal energy. 

Design Boom places emphasis on this writing that these systems not only provide each unit with a sustainable primary source of power, but also a means of livelihood and source of income in electricity farming for nearby inland communities. 

'Coastal communities are caught in the cross fire between the scarcity of land and resources, and the rising tides and storm surges brought about by the sea,' the company said in a press release as noted by Daily Mail

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Proposed Interior for the Housing Project
(Photo : Dada Design)

Philippines Living Situation

Furthermore, the press release also stated the living conditions in the Phiippines saying that more than ever, they are in "dire need of safe and sustainable shelters, creating room for an innovative solution bringing architecture and the sea together."

'With blue as the new green as the design philosophy, the currents for currents project can provide resilient, flexible living structures that can adapt to the sea's ever-changing conditions.'

Home to more than 7,000 islands and also located in the center of the Ring of Fire, the Philippines is a third-world country that is often frequented by typhoons and earthquakes that have left thousands homeless and an innumerable number of properties damaged. 

The project is worked on by the following people: Deo Alrashid Trevecedo Alam, the company founder; Pierre Michael monjardin, and Andrew Galano. DADA Design's vision is to conceptualize and develop sustainable, practical, economical and adaptable architecture designs. 

Current for Currents
(Photo : Dada Design)

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