Arteezy From the Evil Geniuses Dota 2 E-Sports Team Is a Fan of Lisa From Blackpink

By Jared N. , Jul 18, 2020 07:12 AM EDT

The Dota 2 team of the Evil Geniuses' Position 1 player, Artour "Arteezy" Babaev, seems to be a huge fan of Korean pop songs and especially Blackpink.

Arteezy watching Blackpink on his phone
(Photo : Dove / Twitter)

A tweet showed that he was especially invested in the lates single from Blackpink, which is How You Like That.

Arteezy is a Fan of Blackpink

According to a tweet from Arteezy's girlfriend, Zhang "Dove" Tiange, she spotted him watching the performance video of Blackpink's How You Like That on his phone. She also revealed that Arteeze was especially a fan of Lalisa "Lisa" Manoban, who is the main dancer and rapper of the group.

In Arteezy's livestreams, it will be clear that he loves the Korean pop girl group since he'll be playing the group's music in the background while he's fighting the enemies and whenever he's playing in general. In a clip you can watch here, you'll see him fighting the enemy as a song from Blackpink goes on in the background.

Arteezy playing K-pop music in the background during his live streams isn't something new for him. In past streams, he has featured numerous K-pop songs while he was streaming from K-pop groups Girl's Day and 2NE1. 

Initially, Arteezy wasn't much of a fan of K-pop but then he suddenly changed his mind after he listened to a few female K-pop singers such as Park Sojin from Girl's Day and Sandara Park from 2NE1. This information comes from Arteezy during an interview he had with Nexon in 2014.  

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What Did People on Twitter Think About This?

The tweets above garnered a lot of attention from numerous different people, here are what they said about it:

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