Impressive Computer Desk Choices: Which One Suits You?

Impressive Computer Desk Choices: Which One Suits You?
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With today's recent shift to working or studying at home, mostly everyone seems to be focused on how much storage and RAM their computer should have. We're not saying that's wrong. However, like parking a car in a dirty or unorganized garage, a computer desk that suits your usage style and preference also plays a massive role in your productivity, be it for work, school, or relaxation.

Shape - straight and lean or L-shaped and space-saving?

Most computer desks, down to their basic designs, fall under two categories. One is the traditional design we've been used to seeing. It often has a square or rectangular slab of wood or similar material on top of mostly four supporting legs. This design is good for those who have the legroom to put one in their room or workspace. Having this design allows the user to place his different PC components evenly adequately. You don't want to squeeze your system unit inside a tiny slot. This desk could cause your computer to become slow due to thermal issues.

The other one is what we often refer to as L-shaped. As the name suggests, it resembles an uppercase "L." What it lacks in workspace real estate, it makes up in its ability to be placed in tight corners. Given the right planning and arrangement, computer desks of this kind can provide a good home for your computer and peripherals without literally occupying a huge chunk of your house. If you've not yet fully gone digital and still have to work with hard copies of your school or office papers, placing a small document organizer on the edge of this table saves space. Did we mention it makes your area look organized too?

A computer desk that comes pre-assembled or not?

If you're the handyman of the family, the answer is already quite obvious. Assembling your desk sort of brings an unexplainable joy. Most of the time, this also costs less since you'd be putting it together like you're building your gaming PC. If online shopping is your primary way of getting a computer desk, getting one that needs some assembling is the best option. It's often cheaper and has a faster preparation and delivery time.

Now, if you just want a desk that's beautiful, functional, and just readily works out of the box, heading over to your local Ikea or other furniture store seems to be the practical option. Seeing your would-be desk displayed in a completed state would readily give you the idea if you want it as your computer's home or not.

Materials and Ergonomics

When it comes to having a computer desk made mainly of wood, glass, or steel, or a combination of those, it boils down to personal preference. Wood offers that classic and elegant look. Having a tempered glass top gives your entire setup a sophisticated look. Steel, being the sturdiest of them all, offers the versatility and gives that industrial vibe.

A final factor to consider is ergonomics. The basic rule is that your computer desk's height should match your chair's height. There are those who prefer standing desks too, as these reportedly help in maintaining a better posture. The placement of drawers, if any, also accounts for how you'll enjoy your work, study, or gaming area. Having too many can often result in cluttered workspaces with empty drawers while staying with an ultra-minimalist desk can sometimes lead to an unsightly bunch of loose cables and other peripherals.

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