BeanKind: The Mobile App That Spreads Positivity Worldwide

Meet BeanKind by Ketnipz, a Mobile App That Spreads Positivity
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BeanKind by Ketnipz and Frosty Pop is a must-have mobile app during a hard, dark, and unprecedented time like this.

BeanKind by Ketnipz and Frosty Pop is a must-have mobile app during a hard, dark, and unprecedented time like this. 

Speaking to CNN, Frosty Pop co-founder J.D. Ostrow felt the urge to create what matters most in the world and not just 'creating another video game in the classic sense.'

"It's about responding to something we are feeling at this time," Ostrow said. "People at home, wanting to be with family and friends, using digital (platforms) to find remote connections."

To create the app, Frosty Pop collaborated with Harrey Hambley. The Welsh artist amassed over 1.8 million followers on Instagram for his adorable pink-looking 'Bean' character, stickers, and relatable short cartoons.

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How Does BeanKind Work?

BeanKind works in a simple way. Tap on the love button to share the love with friends, community, and strangers worldwide. As the number of 'love tap' increases, home furniture & characters like the 'Doggo' and 'Nana Bean' will be unlocked. 

"There is no winning or losing," Ostrow told CNN further, emphasizing the idea of a 'totally free, more meditative' kind of mobile game. 

"BeanKind is about achieving a community goal rather than an individual one. It's we, not me."

On top of that, BeanKind isn't the kind of app that makes you watch hundreds of video ads in exchange for in-game currency. The Vancouver-based company and Hambley aim to create an 'anti-mobile game' for a more healthy experience. 

"In many ways, Bean got me through a rough patch in my life, so it felt right to try and see whether it could help others, too," Hambley told CNN. The artist shared the Bean to the world two years ago when he was still in high school. 

Speaking to BBC on another occasion, Hambley told the publication that most teachers were against his idea of not pursuing the university and believing in his cartoon instead. 

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Features & Specification

Here's the full round-up of the app.

Help Bean build a room and a team, and share the love all over the world, just by tapping your screen!

BeanKind highlights:

  • Positivity: Share some love with strangers, friends, and family.
  • Community: Participate in a global challenge; we're all in this together.
  • Original Art: New art and design by Ketnipz.
  • Custom Rooms: There are 2,176,782,333 possible combinations for your room.
  • No Ads: Do we need to say more?
  • No IAP: This is totally free.

If you want to download BeanKind on iPhone & iPad devices, iOS 13.0 or later is required. The size only comes at 262.2 MBs, and it won't take too much space on your phone. 

On Android, BeanKind requires 4.4 (KitKat) and up, as well as 103 MB storage. 

BeanKind by Ketnipz is available on iOS through the App Store and Android through the Play Store for free. 

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