YouTuber Engineers Real-Life Star Wars Lightsaber & It's Deadly

Star Wars lightsaber is an iconic prop of an iconic franchise. Many have tried to replicate it, but this YouTuber's product is something else.

Most lightsaber recreations we see on the market only manage to achieve the look via metal tubes and light, but this one is lethal. It's been put through 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit heat test, and it does cut through steel!

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How to Create a Star Wars Lightsaber à la the Hacksmith

James Hobson, a self-proclaimed 'Hacksmith,' recreates both the look and the deadly features of a lightsaber on his YouTube channel. Hobson and his teammates, Dave Bonhoff, Ian Hillier, and Darryl Sherk, embrace the principle of 'laminar flow' to capture the beam.

For his 10.2 million followers, the team combines liquified petroleum gas with O2 through a laminar flow nozzle. It generates a top-notch concentrated flow of gas, enough to creates a plasma bean. Quoting New York Post, laminar nozzle alone costs roughly $4,000.

"That is so bright," says the YouTube personality on one of his 'Make It Real' video series. "This actually hurts to look at."

Sodium turns it yellow, calcium chloride goes amber, boric acid generates green, and strontium chloride gives red-the saber burns at 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit (2,204 degrees Celcius). To put things into perspective, the Hawaiian volcano of Kilauea can reach up to 2120 degrees F.

Even more impressive, the lightsaber is connected to a backpack that generates power to keep it well and run. The lightsaber is so hot that it could cut through a steel door!

"We did it. The world's first retractable plasma-based lightsaber," said Hobson at the end of the video.

Besides Star Wars' lightsaber, the Hacksmith also recreates Iron Man's repulsor & gloves, a 'screaming' Nerf gun, Captain America's shield, Thor's hammer, and many others.

"Innovation at its heart is problem-solving. It's how we're going to fix this problem using technology we already have," said Hobson on his motivation of turning fiction into reality.

Watch the full video here. To support the content creator, you can donate to their Patreon here.

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What's New For the Star Wars Franchise

The long-running epic space franchise started way back in 1977 and quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. There are at least nine Star Wars movies, with the latest released in 2019, one animated film, two anthologies, and 140 games over the decades.

Back in the days, the outer space was such a taboo set of places and times to talk about. Star Wars executed it beautifully, and it soon became one of the most profitable franchises in the world.

The latest game, Star Wars: Squadrons, has just hit the stores this very October. Find out what gaming journalists and experts say about the game here.

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