PS5 Restock Tracker: How to Sign Up on Sony Direct to Get PlayStation 5

PS5 Restock Tracker: How to Sign Up on Sony Direct to Get PlayStation 5
Gamers who want to get the latest PS5 restocks should consider applying for Sony Direct instead.
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Even a year after its release, PlayStation 5 remains one of the hottest items in the market. Best Buy, one of the two retailers to restock the gaming console this month, recently limited its sale to TotalTech subscribers. With that said, other gamers who want to get the latest PS5 restocks should consider applying for Sony Direct instead.

There are many reasons why Sony Direct might be gamers' best chance of buying a PS5. First, the retailer receives its stocks straight from the manufacturer. Second, Sony Direct restocks two to three times more than most retailers. Lastly, the retailer gives customers a fair chance of buying via lottery system.

PS5 Restock Update: How to Buy in Sony Direct

According to GameRant, buying PS5 on Sony Direct comes in three steps: having a PSN account, waiting for PlayStation direct invitation, and entering the queue system.

Players who want to buy PS5 via Sony Direct must have an active PSN account. The requirement serves as a deterrent for scalpers who use bots to buy available stocks. Keep in mind that gamers do not need a PlayStation console to get their PSN account. They could simply follow the sign-up process on this website.

After setting up a PSN account, gamers should wait for their email invitation. Sony Direct often restocks their supplies at least once a month. PSN members will receive an email invitation and an exclusive link to enter the private queue when these restocks happen. These emails are unpredictable in terms of time and date.

Finally, consumers would reach the queuing system. Registered users would "wait in line" for their turn on buying PS5. The line sequence is randomly generated from the email invitation previously mentioned. Sony Direct would keep its queueing system active until it sells out all its available PS5 restocks.

Gamers who are not lucky enough in the Sony Direct queuing system are recommended to try again on the next wave. Getting PS5 on Sony Direct could be a frustrating process for most consumers. Still, when compared to other retailers, Sony Direct has the most stable supply for PS5 consoles.

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More Helpful Tips on Sony Direct and PS5

An earlier article listed other helpful tips that might boost consumers' chances of buying PS5 in Sony Direct. Some of these are:

  • Joining the queue around 30 minutes to an hour before the time indicated. This puts consumers on the "first priority" queue list.
  • Entering the queue using multiple devices simultaneously (laptops, smartphones, and tablets) and web browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, Safari). Do not use different tabs on the same browser because Sony would still count the whole browser as one entry.
  • When in a queue, do not refresh or reload the browser. The whole process could take 10-15 minutes of waiting. A longer waiting period often indicates that a successful entry to the queueing list.

PS5 Restock Tracker: Retailer Restock History

According to Cnet, most PS5 restocks happened last September. This means most retailers are long overdue for their resupplies. This could signify an incoming drop sometime this month but does not serve as a guarantee.

  • Amazon: Sept. 2, 21, 27
  • Antonline: Aug. 31
  • Best Buy: Sept. 23, Oct. 1, 4, 11
  • GameStop: Sept. 14, 28, 30
  • PlayStation Direct: Sept. 10, 14, 15, 21, 22, 24, 28
  • Target: Sept. 10, Oct. 1
  • Walmart: Sept. 16

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