Asda PS5 Restock GONE! But Argos is Hinting at a Resupply; Here's Where to Get the Sony Next-Gen Console

Asda PS5 Restock GONE! But Argos is Hinting at a Resupply; Here's Where to Get the Sony Next-Gen Console
The Sony Playstation restock in Asda surprised numerous fans. However, the PlayStation 5 restock was quickly gone in minutes. Furthermore, UK retailers hold numerous supplies of PS5 restocks to watch out for.
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The Sony Corporation decided to distribute supplies to the retailer Asda for the restock of Sony's Playstation this morning, October 18.

This Monday morning at around 9 a.m., PS5 stock seekers were treated to an unexpected drop from Asda. Unfortunately, like any other PlayStation 5 resupply does, the available next-gen console units were immediately gone.

The supermarket is currently sold out, but Argos will restock on Wednesday, October 20th.

PlayStation 5 Restock

According to the Independent, the supplies were the PlayStation 5 restock Disc version, which is available for £449.99 (around $618) for home delivery. 

Unfortunately, all of the supplies sold out in minutes, but John Lewis is expected to refill today, October 18, as well.

The video game console was originally released last year in November of 2020. It then began to be extremely in demand and popular around the world, which prompted a shortage of supplies, especially with the ongoing pandemic and chip shortage still happening.

The high demand and low supply continued throughout the year.

The supply issues were brought about by a global semiconductor scarcity that has resulted in the Sony Playstation's latest production to halt significantly. As a matter of fact, the new supply is still hard to come by, and when it does, the PS5 sells out nearly immediately.

Where Is The Next PS5 Restock?

When it came to PS5 restocks, September was a mixed bag, but it was still far better than June and July. Even if it wasn't quite as great as August, we still witnessed some consistent PS5 restock at Very, BT, EE, Argos, Amazon, Smyths Toys, and Game last month. 

To close the month of September, there were ten restocks of Sony's PS5. 

The data for the PlayStation 5 restock for this month of October has been analyzed, but it cannot be concluded if this month is any better for the Playstation 5 hunters.

However, so far, the news hasn't been that good. So far, only, BT, and ShopTo have restocked this month, with Game joining the group on Tuesday, October 12, last week, as well as an in-store drop at Smyths Toys. 

According to What Hi-Fi, "A few Argos warehouses have received shipments of PS5's, both Disc and Digital Editions," writes @PS5StockAlertUK on Twitter. "The remaining warehouses are scheduled to get shipments by the end of this week." 

This also implies that a Playstation 5 restock will be coming its way again to the public by October 20. Since Christmas and Black Friday are fast approaching, fingers are now crossed that Argos comes through with these stock.

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PS5 Restock Tracker

If you haven't had any luck in Argos, Asda, or Amazon, here are the possible locations for the next Sony Playstation restock.:

John Lewis

Restocking of the PlayStation 5 is long overdue at John Lewis. The high-street behemoth is said to be sitting on 1000 consoles, possessing 700 discs and 300 Digital editions. 

With that, only 1000 units will be available, so checking at about 7 a.m. can be extremely fruitful if you want to get your hands on the next-gen video game console yourself. 


Furthermore, a Sony PS5 resupply is on the way, according to EE.

Customers on EE can register if they are interested in the PS5. They should have this done by October 24th at 4 p.m., so they could get more information on the availability of the video gaming consoles and how to add them to their monthly EE plan.


It is also speculated that Smyths Toys may launch a PS5 restock soon and that a small number of outlets have stock.

On the company's website, you can check PS5 stock levels in your local branch.

Sony Direct

On the contrary, starting in November, buyers in the United States will be able to apply for a limited amount of PS5 consoles through the official PlayStation website.

Let's hope that UK gamers get the same deal.

Nonetheless, AMD has informed players that PS5 stock shortages may persist until mid-2022, and that this week's PS5 stock dips may be your best chance to get a PS5 before Santa arrives in his sleigh.

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