Nintendo NX To Support Physical Media: Will This Be Enough To Get Gamers To Buy The Console?

As expected by many, even a bit of shadow about Nintendo NX was not seen in the recently concluded Electronic Entertainment Event (E3) event). And this despite the clamor of people for the console to take the spotlight. Nonetheless, new speculations suggest that it might offer a physical media feature in hopes to lure more gamers in the market. But of course, will such feature be enough? Can it surpass (or at least be at par) with Sony's PlayStation Neo?

It should be noted, though, that Nintendo intended not to bring Nintendo NX at E3. This could be a reason of building the anticipation, or perhaps, the company is yet to be ready. Either way, the forthcoming console cannot simply escape speculations after speculations.

According to Game & Guide, Nintendo NX is believed to support physical media. And if this is true, then it is completely far from just being a console that has streaming capabilities. The news was in fact rooted from GameStop's CEO Paul Raines. And make no mistake, Raines (as well as the publication itself) is deemed as highly credible source when it comes to such niche.

If Nintendo NX does offer physical media support, then what kind of media does it involves? This is certainly one of the biggest questions that need feasible answer. Nonetheless, the tech giant has already mentioned in the past that the upcoming console is specifically designed to utilize cartridges in lieu of the typical discs.

IGN, on the other hand, reports that if there will be a difference between discs and cartridges, it will be both on the pre-owned and refurbishment side. But aside from that, Nintendo NX having a supposed cartridge-support feature is likely the road to be taken. After all, they are much easier when it comes to refurbishing and repackaging when compared to discs.

Furthermore, if Nintendo NX will perform better than PlayStation Neo (also an upcoming console from Sony) and Wii U, there is every possibility of greater success. That the console along could generate a whopping amount of $2.7 billion in terms of incremental sales. But again, the big question is: will it be enough to lure gamers? It is really interesting to see.

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