'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Update: Nine New Pokemon To Arrive, Names & Specialties Revealed! Zyngarde To Have Three Forms?

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" is a highly anticipated game from the Pokemon Company this year. Now, the English trailer for the title has been revealed, featuring a total of nine new Pokemon all straight from the depths of the Alola area. Check them out!

According to University Herald, the nine species to be featured in the upcoming "Pokemon Sun and Moon" are Tapu Koko, Vikavolt, Bruxish, Togedemaru, Komala, Charjabug, Drampa, Cutiefly and Rockruff. Tapu Koko, the first on the list, is deemed as the guardian of the Melemele Island. It will probably be a combination of an electric type and fairy type creature.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" will also feature a new bug-type Pokemon, named Charjabug. It looks like a bug and boasts some cool butterfly designs. Don't underestimate its innocent look, however, as its sharp jaws are surely lethal. Another bug Pokemon, Cutiefly can easily detect auras of all living things, from people to plants to even other Pokemon.

Meanwhile, Vikavolt is considered to be an electric bug in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" game. Its specialty is to utilize its jaws in order to control a beam of electricity. It can also breathe fire. Togedemaru is another electric type Pokemon added to the roster. Drampa, on the other hand, albeit fierce, is just a normal dragon-type Pokemon. Nonetheless, it is equipped with the Berserk ability. 

A water-type will also be included in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" as well. Vine Report notes that Bruxish is a water and psychic type creature with a Dazzling ability. If "Pokemon Sun and Moon" fans are looking for a rock-type Pokemon, then Rockruff is an excellent choice. 

Last on the list is Komala. Despite is normal type abilities, it can be quite deadly. Its Comatose ability is enough to put its opponent to a deep sleep state.

It is also worth noting that Zyngarde will be included in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" games. It is expected to arrive in three forms, namely Zyngarde 10 percent, Zyngarde 50 percent and Zyngarde Complete.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" is slated for a November 18 release this year. It will be made available exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.

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