'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Has Poison, Fire-Type Lizard Named Salandit, Powers Revealed

Just recently, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" introduced a new set of species. Most of these Pokemons, if not bug types, were equipped with electric powers. Now, a new kind is expected to arrive, called Salandit, which can be categorized as both a fire-type and poison-type Pokemon.

According to iDigitalTimes, a new "Pokemon Sun and Moon" character has been revealed and is named Salandit. This Pokemon is deemed the very first fire and poison-type to have ever landed on the Alola Region. It is expected to be introduced, along with all the Pokemons, come November this year.

Moreover, a "Pokemon Sun and Moon" trailer has been unleashed, featuring the abilities of Salandit. In the video, the creature is not only equipped with the aforementioned abilities. The upcoming Pokemon is also capable of the so-called Corrosion, an ability that allows it to poison other species with steel and even poison traits. In the Pokemon world, the said types are usually immune to the powers of poison; however, Salandit seems to be an exception.

In fact, as reported by GamesRadar, Salandit's Corrosion ability could be quite annoying. Why? That is because it is totally new for the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" realm. So for players who are about to face one, it is better to have lots of Antidotes ready.

It should be noted that Salandit is the first Poison-type "Pokemon Sun and Moon" character revealed in the Alola Region, at least for the time being. Apart from that, he is deemed as the second Fire-type Pokemon outside of Litten the Starter Pokemon.

While male Salandits are lethal, the female ones also proved to be cunning. In the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" world, they are capable of emitting pheromones that can efficiently attract all sorts of male species be it humans or Pokemons. Once it is inhaled, the victim could be controlled at will by Salandit.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" is slated for a US and Japan release on November 18. Europe, on the other hand, will have to wait until November 23.

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