‘One Punch Man’ Season 2 Latest News & Updates: Next Installment To Air This October, Saitama To Face 3 New Villains

By Staff Reporter , Jul 21, 2016 05:00 AM EDT

There is no need to wait a little bit further. Speculations of when the series would be aired had brought raving fans to extreme suspense of waiting. But now, the big news is here.

A seemingly outright answer to these questions is provided via Tweet by animator Yusuke Murata.  Based on his Tweet, he said, "will work hard to make it possible!" This has proven to be true as the animator pushes himself to finish the animations as they are targeting an October release date as reported by Asia Stars.

Though the creators are yet to disclose the whole story arc, what is verified is that this season Saitama will be facing three new villains. The website had further provided the name of these villains. Posing to seek revenge, Lord Boros will be back for this season. Another bad character on the series would be Amai Mask.


Covering under the façade of being a fan of Saitama, Amai Mask wanted to figure out how the former's powers came to be. Apart from that, Mask's assault to the Heroes Association which consequently led to a fight with Saitama is an episode to look forward to in this season.

The third villain is a student of Bang, Garou. Dubbed as the human monster, Garou will be the featured villain as the primary adversary of Saitama.

Given the set of villains this season, it is expected that this next installment will stray from the original manga counterpart. Having that said, Saitama is rumored to be beaten this upcoming season since he will lose his powers.

Another new thing will be welcomed this season as the English- dubbed version will be released. The former season only featured episodes with English subtitles. This is great news for those fans who do not speak Japanese. Truly, there is a lot to look forward to the next season of "One Punch Man".

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