Russell Westbrook Assures Oklahoma Thunders He Won’t Do A Kevin Durant

Oklahoma Thunder management and fans were disappointed when Kevin Durant unexpectedly decided to ditch them in favor of the Golden State Warriors. Observers believed that Russell Westbrook would not do that and will tell Sam Presti directly if he is leaving.

The Oklahoma Thunders were caught by surprise when Durant left the team. He did not give any indication about his departure plans until the last minute. His hasty exit has forced Presti to rebuild the team. He would like to do it with Russell Westbrook at the helm.

However, Presti is hesitant to do that unless he could get a commitment preferably in the form of a signed contract extension from Westbrook. The Oklahoma team has already received numerous trade offers from the other teams. So far, the answer has been no and Westbrook himself remains silent on the matter.

It is probably safe to assume that Westbrook will stay with the Thunder for at least one more year. But Presti is more interested if he is willing to stay for a few more years. Westbrook is more forthcoming of his decisions than Durant, according to ESPN.

This is also the reason why Westbrook is cautious in making any statements about his future plans. Considering the circumstances, it seems that he does not want to make premature moves right now. If Westbrook decides to accept the proposed contract extension, he will assume the role that was once offered to Durant.

There are reports that the Oklahoma Thunder is willing to offer Westbrook the best deal they could give him. Presti can offer his most valuable right now up to $26 million for a contract extension. However, Westbrook can earn close to $9 million more if he decides to become a free agent instead.

There are also rumors about the teams Westbrook is likely to join in case negotiation with the Oklahoma Thunder breaks down, according to SB Nation. It may be possible that he could get traded to the LA Lakers or Boston Celtics.

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