Pokemon GO Guide: Catch Lots Of Rare Pokemons Using Incense

People might think that Pokemon GO is simply about capturing well-known pokemon, like Pikachu and Bulbasaur. But there are lots of Pokemon out there and most of them are so rare that players would do just about anything to own them.

Sadly, not all Pokemon trainers can capture rare monsters easily. In fact, most players are having a hard time accomplishing the feat. Fortunately, there is actually a sure-fire way to catch these kinds of creatures through Incense.

Previously we shared a guide on the importance of Stardust in powering up Pokemon in Pokemon GO.  Today, we will show you how to catch rare creatures using Incense. Here it goes!

What Is Incense In Pokemon GO

In its most organic form, Incense is simply an item that Pokemon GO players can use for their adventures. Its main goal is to make any random Pokemon spawn as much as possible, as reported by AttackOfTheFanboy. This can really be useful especially to players situated in rural areas.

How To Use Incense In Pokemon GO

In the Pokemon GO app, players will simply have to tap the Pokeballs (located at the bottom of the screen) first. Select items, then specifically tap on Incense, which should be found on the top of the game's menu. To use it, simply tap it.

Subsequently, a swirling ball of gas will start floating around the Pokemon GO player's avatar. A timer can also be seen on the top-right corner of the screen. The timer basically informs a player of how long Incense will continue to work. Take note, as long as is it kept running, attracting nearby Pokemons will be a breeze.

How To Catch Rare Pokemon GO Creatures Using Incense

The main key for this Pokemon GO trick to work is to situate yourself in the middle of nowhere. First things first, players need to clear their Nearby list, something that can be done by restarting the app to refresh it. Once in the middle of somewhere, just use Incense (as instructed above).

If Incense is used correctly in Pokemon GO, rare Pokemon will tend to spawn. In fact, there are players who have reportedly acquired the likes of Ponyta, Charmander, Abra and Blastoise, among others. There are those who theorize that Incense seems to grab any random creature if nothing nearby can be pulled. So in a sense, it significantly increases the chance of getting rare Pokemon.

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