Pokemon GO Guide: The Importance Of Stardust In Powering Up Pokemon And When To Use It

In Pokemon GO, owning a Pokemon with stable power is of utmost importance. For one, it helps players win gym battles. One way to power up a creature is by using a material called Stardust. Here is a guide on how and when to use it. Check it out below!

What Stardust Is In Pokemon GO

First and foremost, Stardust is something that Pokemon GO players cannot buy in PokeStores, as reported by Attack of the Fanboy. Hence acquiring it can be quite rigorous in one way or another. Nonetheless, it is not entirely impossible to own. The only catch, however, is that players need to understand when to utilize it. After all, they want the material to be used on a Pokemon worth investing in.

When To Hoard Stardust In Pokemon GO

Even if a Pokemon GO player owns more than 200,000 Stardust, the number will greatly decrease if it is being used for higher CP Pokemons. Usually, when there is a creature with higher CP, using Stardust is a standard. But sadly, it is not.

It should be noted that a Pokemon GO specie's max CP tends to grow as players level up. So if a Pokemon has a high level in an earlier phase, it will become useless later on. And if players start investing Stardust on it, they will soon realize that it is not a good idea. Why? That is because Pokemon can become more powerful in every level up. So, as much as possible, it is best to hoard Stardust until level 20 or above has reached.

When To Use Stardust In Pokemon GO

Almost every Pokemon GO player wants to own a perfect Pokemon. Perhaps, they acquired Gyarados (for those who do not have this creature, here a guide) and want it to reach the specie's perfect form. In reality, they need to check their IVs first. If a Pokemon already has a high IV and CP -- and that a player is ripe enough in terms of level and experience -- it is about time to utilize Stardust.

Keep in mind, though, that with each level, a Pokemon GO creature's max CP will increase by a total of two power ups. Simply put, it will cost some Stardust -- despite a Pokemon's CP being maxed out. This is why investing on a Stardust in an early phase is not a good idea.

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