Pokemon GO Guide: How To Catch Cute Fairy Type Pokemon Clefairy And Clefable

The Pokemon GO experience can never be completed without catching cute Pokemon. Sure, players may have their own definition of what is cute or not; however, when such term is used, the fairy-type creatures are on top of the list. In this guide, players will know how easy it is to actually catch both Clefairy and Clefable.

How To Catch Clefairy In Pokemon GO

Without a doubt, Clefairy is among the cutest monsters in the entire Pokemon GO universe. In its most organic form, this Pokemon is under the fairy-type category. And, as reported by RankedBoost, they can usually be caught in areas of interests -- from school to churches to parks, among others. But actually, this specie tends to spawn in cemeteries (during night) as well. Also, one way to acquire it is to use and hatch 2KM eggs.

Pokemon GO Fairy-Type Pokemons Spawn During Full Moon

Believe it or not, some fairy-type Pokemon GO creatures tend to spawn when the moon is full and bright. And yes, Clefairy is one of them. According to Mobile & Apps, it is believed that this creature's spawn possibility increases dramatically during a full moon. This is rooted from the fact that some of the early episodes of the titular Pokemon TV show -- Clefairy and the Moon Stone in particular -- showcased such happening.

How To Evolve Clefairy To Clefable In Pokemon GO

There is definitely a much cuter form for Clefairy in Pokemon GO -- it is no other than Clefable. And indeed, the way the creature is depicted in TV shows should make players interested enough to own one. How to evolve it? Well, it is simply by using candies. The key is to use at least 50 Clefairy candies in order to evolve to Clefable. For players who are interested to get more candies (as well as other items), they can check this guide here.

How To Catch Other Pokemon GO Fairy-Type Creatures

As mentioned, Clefairy and Clefable are just two of the many fairy-type Pokemon GO species. The category includes the likes of Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff -- both of which are considered Fairy/Normal type Pokemon. Also part of the list is Mr. Mime, a creature deemed as a Fairy/Psychic type.

Have you caught Clefairy already in Pokemon GO? Were you able to evolve it to Clefable? Share your adventures below!

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