Pokemon GO Guide: Get Items, XP Boost By Using PokeStops

Simply put, Pokemon GO is all about catching the best Pokemon out there. This is entirely the premise of the game. Nonetheless, such feat involves other aspects - two of which are items and XP. Without them, winning gym battles, for example, is almost close to impossible. Well, here is a guide on how to get lots of items and boost XP by using PokeStops.

In our previous Pokemon GO guide, we discuss catching rare Pokemon through an item called Incense. Now, let us focus on how to boost XP while having a shot at more items through various PokeStops.

What Are PokeStops In Pokemon GO

Basically, PokeStops are where Pokemon GO players can get access to a great number of supplies and experience. Whenever players visit one, they are likely to receive two things -- a handful of items and, of course, XP. The number of items, though, will vary between three and four. As for the XP, they could earn at least 50 points - or more if they have a Lucky Egg with them.

Visit 10 PokeStops In Pokemon GO

The first thing Pokemon GO players must do is obviously visit a PokeStop -- something that they normally do every now and then. The catch, though, is to move to a completely different one. They will have to do this in succession until they have visited a total of 10 PokeStops. Take note, each PokeStop should be different and all the stops should be visited within a certain amount of time, as long as it doesn't take more than an hour it should be good.

Acquire More Items And Boost XP In Pokemon GO PokeStops

By doing the aforementioned method, Pokemon GO players will eventually grab double XP (100 XP) and more items. There are players who have reportedly acquired 6 additional items, while there are those who have snatched more than that. In fact, there is even a greater chance of owning a 10km egg - just remember to keep at least one slot open.

The key is to always keep those Pokemon GO bags open so there is space for new items. Otherwise, they will become useless in every PokeStop that is visited.

What do you think about this Pokemon GO guide? Have you given it a try already? Do you have another tips (or guide) to share? Well, use the comment section to your advantage now!

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