No Man's Sky Review: 4 Reasons I Don't Like The Game

No Man's Sky Review: 4 Things I Don't Like About The Game
No Man's Sky offers 18 quintillion planets to explore, with each of its geology procedurally generated. Photo : IGN/YouTube

Okay, before we go straight to the topic, I must admit, No Man's Sky is a very ambitious game. And unlike any other, its universe is much bigger than anyone can ever imagine for a game.

Tell me, is there a title that is as massive as Hello Game's tentpole? Well, absolutely none - or at least for the time being. But of course, just because a game has a scope of 18 quintillion planets, it does not mean it is good (if not the best).

I, myself, have been part of the No Man's Sky hype (heck, I even covered it here). I had so much faith in the game that I always look it up on the internet and see what Sean Murray is up to. Now that it has arrived, I must say it is worth the wait.

But do not get me wrong, I personally enjoyed the game in one way or another. However, as a person who loves combat, I might veer away from the game sooner or later and here are 4 reasons I don't like in the game.

No Man's Sky Combat System

First off, yes, No Man's Sky is in no way a combat game. Nevertheless, there are certain aspects in the title where combat is needed. Think about the space pirates tailing you, especially if you have goods in your ship. And what better way to get rid of them? Well, by fighting with them, of course.

This is where and when I realized that shooting (or any other form of combat) in NMS is not entirely fun -- be it in space or on the ground. Sure, you can take advantage of a gun and/or starship upgrades, but those are things that will eat up your inventory.

My point is, I still want to enjoy No Man's Sky in combat mode - or perhaps in a better style. As I have mentioned, it seems you are confined with options of just upgrading your resources so as to acquire better weapons or whatever. But hey, since we are talking about 18 quintillion planets, chances are, you will be up against 18 quintillion of alien races (and pirates, maybe?). So maybe Sean and his friends can up the ante a bit when it comes to the combat system.

Maybe the developers could tweak the settings and introduce more options. I really want to see myself battling those robot-like races in a more in-your-face kind of way.

No Man's Sky Has No Variety At All

Variety is something that No Man's Sky failed to offer, especially with a team as small as Hello Games. But really, it is almost as if every planet is the same. You go there, explore whatever there is tob explore. Probably find some artifacts or whatnots. In one way or another, the gist is the same.

And mind you, I played for over 10 hours. Yeah sure, that is not quite long but so far, lack of variety is what I have observed. I just wish that the studio would introduce more activities. Crossing my fingers.

No Man's Sky Is Not A Multiplayer

Bash me all you want, but with No Man's Sky having a massive universe, I cannot think of a better way to enjoy it but by playing with company. Think about the vast universe you can enjoy together with your friends, having the time of your life enjoying the mysteries out there.

I know the game was not designed for multiplayer mode, but it could have made a significant change if it was. I am pretty sure almost everyone (even the die-hard fans out there) want to experience such a thrill. No Man's an island, right? But hey, as reported by Independent, Sean promised to deliver the feature later on in the game. I really hope so.

No Man's Sky Just Gets Boring

When I first tried No Man's Sky, I almost skipped lunch and dinner. I mean, it was already in my hands and I just wanted to explore it all day. However, after about 10 hours or so of playing, I started getting bored.

I would try to find another planet, stayed there for a couple of minutes, only to be disappointed. Eventually, I realized that I had been doing the same activity over and over again. Once I landed, I would try to unravel the mysteries of the planet, perhaps distinguish if that creature is a giraffe or a monkey.

But whatever I do, it seems the game is trying to water-down the fire it sparked in me since day one. Maybe I was a bit lazy or I did not explore other regions. But no, No Man's Sky is just too plain boring the more hours you spend playing it.

Despite all of this, I'm still a fan of No Man's Sky. And I believe that it has every potential to go down as one of the most successful titles in the industry. After all, it just went live. It's literally less than one month old.

So yeah, gamers are probably going to see a lot of things in the future. But for now, it has its own faults, which as a gamer, do not sit well with me. I'm sure other gamers have their own opinions on the game, which probably disagree with my own thoughts on the subject. However, I will have to agree to disagree when it comes to No Man's Sky. Maybe with future update, the will give me a whole new reason to enjoy it. For now, it is what it is.

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