Why All The Hype Behind No Man's Sky

Why All The Hype Behind No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky will be made available for PlayStation and PC. Photo : Checkpoint/YouTube

Ever since Hello Games announced No Man's Sky, I was among the fans who jumped right into the hype train with so much anticipation. Personally, I felt like this game has so much to offer (think about exploring those 18 quintillion planets!). Somehow though, I was kind of frustrated with the studio's choice of releasing small chunks of information. But hey, there is definitely a reason for doing so. Anyway, what does people really have to say about the game? Why is there so much hype - even if some fans would not really agree - going around it? Let us check it out!

The Devs' Passion Towards No Man's Sky

I, for one, will completely agree to this. Hello Games, in its most organic form, is a team composed of 20 (or perhaps more) people. Given the relatively small size, one would think that it is not enough to deliver a hit title. After all, most players are introduced to the likes of Ubisoft and Rockstar Games, among others. However, its size is also the main reason why most - if not all - fans are moved. That somehow, in one way or another, it just clearly shows the passion that the people behind the project have. Moreover, I know deep inside that such small team will put all their hearts into it, so as to make a name for themselves in the industry. And yes, they are gradually making that dream possible.

No Man's Sky Gives People What They Love The Most - Exploring

Be it in games or not, people always have that desire to go around the world and explore its vastness. What can you say about NASA's unending space exploration? Or how about our goal to learn whatever there is to learn? All of these share one common goal - that is to explore. And most certainly, this is what No Man's Sky is all about - apart from the fights and whatnots. It gives players the chance to explore its universe. Even the mastermind behind the game, Sean Murray, has been very outspoken about it. That the game is all about exploring planet after planet, unveiling what mysteries lie ahead. Believe it or not, we - as humans - always have that innate desire to explore and dive into the unknown. It just gives us an unexplainable excitement.

The Mystery Behind The Center Of No Man's Sky

This is something that have been mentioned in every articles out there. What does the center of No Man's Sky have to offer? What mystery does it unfold when discovered? Is there a sort of civilization or alien race? While I, myself, have no concrete idea and I choose not to, someone (who happens to have acquired the leaked copy of the game) was said to have reached it. The player, as reported here at iTech Post, was able to arrive in the center of the game by selling an in-game item with high market value. He used it to buy resources (fuel and upgrades, among others) and went on a speedrun. Regardless, I still believe there is much to explore. And that no one can entirely know unless he himself has experienced what the core is all about. If that dude was able to do so (as he claims), so be it. But for me personally, I'd rather wait for the game's official release and experience it all by myself. 

The Application Of Procedural Generation In No Man's Sky

First of all, this is my personal observation, so I do understand if some might agree or not. Okay, let us move forward. The idea behind No Man's Sky is to generate a geology (or planets and whatsoever) in a procedural way. In simpler words, there is a formula being utilized . But sorry, I'm not going to discuss it for now. Instead, I want to point out how such process is actually new to a game with such scale. I mean, tell me what game exactly has tried to apply procedural generation in a massive scale as No Man's Sky? Sure, there are titles out there that have used the said feature; however, it has never been attempted on a larger scare - and Hello Game's upcoming title will be the first one to do so. This alone kind of sets the game apart from any other titles. It makes you (or at least me) so eager to learn what is out there. What if I land into Planet A? What things am I going to face? Well, for now, I do not know, but I am sure want to find out once the game is released.

How about you? What do you think is the reason behind the hype around No Man's Sky? Are also excited about its arrival? Share your thoughts below!

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