3 Pokemon GO Tricks To Try Without Getting Banned

By Alvin Elfwine , Aug 18, 2016 03:00 AM EDT

As the Pokemon GO craze continues, more and more players are trying to be "the very best." While mostly are playing the game fair and square, there are those who cheat their way to the top. Of course, Niantic knows it since day one; hence they are starting to implement penalties and bans. Nonetheless, there are tricks worth trying, and more importantly, using them will not result in any sanctions or whatsoever.

In our previous guide here, we showed you how to catch more Pokemon by using the so-called Pokemon GO Evolution Calculator. This time around, we will add more tricks for you to use on your journey to becoming a master trainer. Well, check them out below!

Pokemon GO Trick #1 - Unlimited Incense And Lucky Eggs

Yes, that is right -- there is a Pokemon GO trick that will allow players to acquire unlimited Incense effects and Lucky Eggs. How? That is simply by adjusting the time in their respective phones. Doing so will result to an increase of the aforesaid items. Remember that Incense can effectively attract Pokemon (even the rare ones); whereas Lucky Eggs can double the XP a player can gain in as short as 30 minutes.

Pokemon GO Trick #2 - Acquire More Pokecoins

Obviously, there are Pokemon GO players who, as much as possible, do not want to spend lots of real-world currency in the game (something that is also true to other mobile games). Nevertheless, Pokecoins are of utmost importance, as it can help in purchasing a couple of items in the store -- from Pokeballs to Incense to Lucky Eggs, among others. But yeah, there are workarounds. Players can choose to defend their gyms from time to time, so as to gain coins. Or perhaps, visit lots of Pokestops, as they tend to release Pokecoins, too.

Pokemon GO Trick #3 - Level Up Faster

This is without a doubt one of the main goals of Pokemon GO, with level 40 being the maximum. Players who can level up faster will surely be treated to a number of benefits. One way to do it is to use Lucky Eggs more often (most especially when evolving a Pokemon), as it can double the XP acquired. Moreover, players can transfer some of the creatures to additional candies. A suitable trick to know the certain quantity of candies and Pokemon needed is to utilize the so-called PidgeyCalc, which is basically a Lucky Egg calculator.

What do you think about the aforementioned Pokemon GO tricks? Have you tried one of them already? How was it so far? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below!

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