Pokemon GO Guide: How To Catch The Most Powerful Pokemon With This Calculator

It is no secret that Pokemon GO is the most popular mobile game today. Ever since its release, more and more people are starting to carve their own Pokemon journeys. And along with their adventures is the longing to capture the most powerful species available. But how can one exactly do it? How can a player increase his chances of acquiring such creatures? Well, it is actually possible thanks to the so-called Evolution Calculator.

What Is the Evolution Calculator In Pokemon GO?

In its most organic form, the Pokemon GO Evolution Calculator helps players understand the best time to evolve their Pokemon. How? It is done by simply distinguishing a creature's specific CP (also known as Combat Power). With such a tool, players will be able to have a concrete idea as to what monsters to keep for trades. They will even have the know-how about which ones to use for breeding as based on the creatures' maximum potential CP.

How Does the Pokemon GO Evolution Calculator Work?

The Pokemon GO Evolution Calculator is so robust that it can perfectly predict the kind of evolution a Pokemon will have. The prediction is basically based on the current Combat Power as well as the multipliers acquired from the community, as reported by BGR. In a sense, it helps players determine if the evolved creature is either stronger or weaker than the ones they currently own. Moreover, by having such a feature, they will understand which ones are useful enough in terms of saving candies.

For instance, if Pokemon GO players have a Charmander with 500 or more CP, they can just simply input the number into the Evolution Calculator and press "Evolve." It is worth noting that the first evolution of Charmeleon is anywhere in the figures of 82 to 850 CP. As for its third evolution Charizard, it should be near 1402 all the way to 1521.

What Makes the Pokemon GO Evolution Calculator So Special

Sure, there are a bunch of ways to capture creatures in Pokemon GO (speaking of which, here is a guide to check out); however, the Evolution Calculator is by far the best alternative out there. This is most especially because the very effective PokeAdvisor just recently went down. By now, players should know that Niantic blocked the access of the said tracking website to the game's servers.

For those who are interested to use the so-called Pokemon GO Evolution Calculator, they can find it here.

What are your thoughts on the Pokemon GO Evolution Calculator? Are you using it already? How is your experience with this tool so far? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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