Nintendo 3DS Sales Get Boost From Pokemon Go Craze

Nintendo reported recently that its U.S. sales of 3DS handheld game devices got a big boost from the Pokemon Go Craze. Last month's sale may also be partly due to the recent release of the Monster Hunter Generations series.

Pokemon Go is a mobile app game that can be played on either and iOS or Android device. However, Nintendo has several Pokemon games that are available in their 3DS and 2DS mobile game system.

One of the Japanese game maker's most successful Pokemon games is Pokemon X and Y. As of July this year, sales figures from this particular game doubled in contrast to the same period last year. It is interesting to note that Pokemon X and Y is a three-year-old game, released way back in 2013. Still, the popularity of its smartphone game counterpart has reawakened interest for this game, according to IB Times.

Other Pokemon games such as the two-year-old Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire manage to its increase its sales this July as compared to last year's same period. Meanwhile, Monster Hunter Generations is the Nintendo's 3DS top game this year.

The recent sales increase in its gaming software also translated in increased sales of the 3DS and 2DS. Nintendo's decision to drop the sales price of the 2DS game system last May encouraged US buyers to buy two million of them.

Unlike Pokemon Go, these sales surges will actually financially benefit Nintendo, according to IB Times. The sudden success of Niantic with Pokemon Go caused Nintendo's shares to jump wildly some time ago. Investors assumed that Nintendo is reaping a tremendous financial reward from the game due to the huge number of in-store purchases.

However, investors' sentiment immediately cooled down after realizing that only a percentage of the game's income is going to Nintendo. Fortunately, the success of Pokemon Go has also helped Nintendo's Pokemon games and their gaming hardware.

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