Apple iOS Jailbreak Tweaks On Pokemon Go That Could Get Players Ban If Caught

By Benjie Batanes , Aug 20, 2016 05:00 AM EDT

Apple iOS jailbreak app developers have recently made available their Pokemon Go tweaks. Players are cautioned though that using such tools can get them from the game.

An iOS jailbreak Pokemon Go app has recently came out. There have also been claims that such tool remains undetectable by Niantic's cheat sniffers. The mobile game app developer however, has added jailbreak code detectors in the game, according to Redmond Pie.

Still, some iOS jailbreak veterans are insisting that iOS Pokemon Go cheaters can bypass the detectors by installing a "PokePatch tweak". The iOS jailbreak patch could be downloaded in this location.

 Jailbreak and Pokemon Go fans are advised that such tweak may or may not work. There is also the possibility the software patch may contain a virus or malware. In case it works and caught by Niantic, player's account could get banned and terminated permanently.

But for the adventurous types such dangers are nothing since banned players could create another Pokemon Go account anyway. There are also a number of iOS Pokemon Go tweaks available online.

GPS Spoofing iOS version

An iOS jailbreak tweak called PokemonGoAnywhere enables players to walk to a certain location without physically going there.

Play Pokemon Go On Lock Screen

This ingenious tweak enables user to play Pokemon Go without the need to unlock your iPhone or iPad device. Players would need to disable their passcode though if they want this particular tweak to work.

Extracting Pokemon Go Data From Google Map

This clever tweak allows users to get location information from Pokemon Go and apply it by plotting the coordinates to Google Map.

Receiving Free Incense And Lucky Eggs

This is probably the most unfair iOS tweaks of them all.

As mentioned earlier, not all of this iOS tweaks are guaranteed to work. Some of the tweaks could get a player ban if he or she is not careful. But for some, the permaban threat simply adds spice to the Pokemon Go game

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