Pokemon Go Cheat Tips: iOS Jailbreak Tool, Undetectable GPS Spoofing Software

Pokemon Go players who use iPhones or iOS mobile devices can run this GPS spoofing software. Cheaters would need to jailbreak their devices though in order to use this iOS designed tool.

A Pokemon Go hacker, iCrackUriDevice uploaded a video on August 11 describing a walkthrough on how to use a Pokemon Go hacking tool with a jailbroken iPhone. The software will require the installation of the latest iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak tool.

Next, Pokemon Go cheaters will need to go to Cydia and install the unofficial Pokemon Go app. This particular app will enable the jailbreak tool to work on the official one. Once the two crucial software tools have been installed, cheaters can customize and tinker the game's GPS settings accordingly.

Niantic is currently rolling out permabans to cheaters but this latest iOS GPS spoofing software has taken that into consideration. The Pokemon Go hacking software will prevent the game from actually reporting your true location in case the game suddenly stops or crashes.

Cheaters' chances of capturing Pokemon in the wild have greatly improved due to the tweaking of the curve ball. The same software also blinds Niantic's servers from detecting a sudden favorable change, according to BGR.

The presenter also claims that the iOS Pokemon Go hacking software is compatible with any future Niantic updates and releases. That boast, however, can only be verified by actually testing it with an actual Pokemon Go update. For now, Pokemon Go cheaters are quite satisfied that GPS spoofing software is working with the current game version. There is also the possibility that Niantic may take steps to disable this latest iOS cheating tool.

GPS spoofing basically allows Pokemon Go players to virtually appear on-screen that they are outside hunting for Pokemon creatures and other items. In reality, the cheaters can stay and sit in the comfort of their own homes while collecting those Pokemon creatures.

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