Pokemon Go Update: Niantic Nerfed Dodge Moves; Good For Gym Defenders, Bad For Attackers

By Benjie Batanes , Aug 22, 2016 03:09 AM EDT

Pokemon Go players were surprised recently that even a perfect dodge gets them damaged during battles. This new development has improved the chances of battle gym defenders but not so much for the attackers.

Pokemon hackers were able to determine that Niantic has change the codes for the damage sustain during dodging, according to Pokemon Go Hub. The new Game_Master code on dodging reads, "dodgeDamageReductionPercent: 0.75."

This basically means that a perfect dodge would still incur at least 25 percent damage on the player's Pokemon. Niantic has made a lot of recent changes in Pokemon Go's game data. As a result, a number of Pokemon creatures became better or weaker in battle gyms. Here are some of the Pokemon affected by the Dodge rate adjustment.

Better Pokemon Defenders?

The Golem has improved in gym defenses but no good for attacks. The Chansey, Gengar and Porygon have better defenses but still not powerful enough to be left as gym defenders. The Seel lost much of its potency but the Muk is now a better gym attacker.

New Pokemon Attack Moves

Some Pokemon attack moves have just been replaced with new ones. The Diglett, Dugtrio, Gloem, Graveler to name a few are now equip with the Mud Slap move to replace the old Mud Shot.

Pokemon Attack Move Removed

The Mew has just lost its Moonblast. The Koffing and Weezing Pokemon also lost their Acid attack moves. The Gyarados unfortunately, lost its Dragon Breath. This complicates the combo match up with the Dragonite.

Best Pokemon Gym Attackers

Pokemon Go gym attackers who have these five Pokemon creatures will likely fare well in battles. The Dragonite is still the undisputed gym fighter. Its Dragon Breath and Dragon Claw combo moves ensure a hundred percent damage. Other Pokemon with highattack percentages include the Arcanine, Exeggutor, Charizard and Flareon. Most of their combo attack damage ranges from more than 75 percent to 100 percent.

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