How To Get More Poke Balls And Throw Them Accurately On Pokemon GO

By Alvin Elfwine , Aug 23, 2016 03:10 AM EDT

Pokemon GO is all about becoming the very best. But once catching Pokemon becomes a struggle, it's almost impossible for that goal to be reached. Indeed, there are still players out there who are having a hard time acquiring creatures. The reason? Well, it's because most -- if not all of them -- don't know to throw Poke balls the right way. But hey, that ends here, as here's a guide that can surely help you out!

How To Throw Poke Balls In Pokemon GO Accurately

According to Otakukart, this Pokemon GO throw technique is called the "L Throw." And believe it or not, this trick is quite easy to do. Players simply need to pull to the left and then throw straight to the Pokemon's height. In one way or another, this technique will help trainers save a good amount Poke balls. So, as much as possible, start using this technique from now on.

Does It Work With Curve Balls In Pokemon GO?

Fortunately, the answer to that is yes -- even if Pokemon GO players use curve balls, the "L Throw" is still 100 percent working. Now, all trainers have to do is start the tracking process so as to know where these Pokemon tend to spawn (check this guide on catching rare ones). From there, they're all set for catching creatures accurately.

"The L Throw" w/Curveball

How To Get Poke Balls Without Spending PokeCoins In Pokemon GO

Yes, you read that right -- there's actually a way for Pokemon GO players to acquire Poke balls without even spending dozens of PokeCoins. Just look at those floating blue diamonds scattered all around in the game's world map. These are basically PokeStops. Players just need to go there, and when they're near, these diamonds tend to change into circular icons. From there, tap it and a picture of a location will appear -- the Photo Disc that is. Spin it and viola, Poke Balls as well as other items (i.e. power-up and Pokemon Candy) will appear.

What do you think about this Pokemon GO guide to throwing Poke balls effectively? Have you tried the trick to getting more Poke balls? Be sure to let us know at the comment section below!

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