Top 8 Difficult Pokemon To Catch In Pokemon GO

By Alvin Elfwine , Aug 22, 2016 03:10 AM EDT

From time to time, Pokemon GO players are looking for ways to catch as many Pokemon -- be it rare or not -- as they can. They'll either use items to help them get one or try their luck in hatching eggs. While there's every possibility of owning even the rarest ones, some creatures are just too hard to catch. Speaking of which, below are 8 of them.

Ivysaur In Pokemon GO

By its looks, this Pokemon GO creature is somewhat similar to a dinosaur. It is best described with blue-green skin, but with some darker patches on it. Ivysaur is basically an evolution from Bulbasaur and then to Venusaur (if players are lucky enough to catch it). Its base-capture rate? Well, it's only 8%. That should explain it.

Wartotle In Pokemon GO

Sure, lots of Pokemon GO players might have captured the likes of Blastoise. But certainly, most -- if not all of them -- haven't caught Wartotle. With a feature akin to that of a turtle, this Pokemon sports an indigo-blue color. The scratches seen on its shell are said to be evidence of its toughness in any battle. It has a base-capture rate of 8%.

Charmeleon In Pokemon GO

In the anime, this Pokemon GO creature is an easy favorite. Deemed as a reptilian Pokemon, Charmeleon has a cream-ish underside topped with crimson scales. And just like the aforementioned species, its base-capture rate is at 8%.

Raichu In Pokemon GO

Considered as a bipedal creature, Raichu is among the rodent-like creatures in Pokemon GO. It's an evolution of Pikachu, one of the favorites among Pokemon in the game. Sadly, with its 8% base-capture rate, some players will surely have a hard time owning it.

Ninetales In Pokemon GO

Ninetales is surely included in the list of creatures players in Pokemon GO want to capture. This one here is known to be vengeful, as it tends to curse those who tries to mistreat it. Apart from it, it has a positive trait to offer -- it can understand human speech with ease. Its base-capture rate is as low as 6%.

Dragonair In Pokemon GO

Also a 6% base-capture Pokemon GO rate, Dragonair is without a doubt a hard one to catch. It's a serpentine-like Pokemon with sky-blue scales. This Pokemon can prove to be lethal in gym battles, as it tends to store an enormous amount of energy on its body.

Arcanine In Pokemon GO

Arcanine is among the fire-type Pokemon GO creatures, and is an evolution of Growlithe. Known for its high speed, it can ferret out attacks without the opponent's Pokemon noticing it. As for its base-capture rate, it's the same with Dragonair and Ninetales -- 6%.

Abra In Pokemon GO

Well, it's not really a secret, but Abra is definitely the hardest Pokemon GO creature to catch. Also known as a bipedal Pokemon, this one here is almost yellow in color. It's an evolution of Kadabra and is best known for having lethal psychic attacks. It even has the ability to read minds, giving him an advantage to whatever danger might come. As for its base-capture rate? Sadly, it remains to be unknown; hence reports of players able to catch it is close to none.

What do you think about the aforementioned Pokemon GO creature? Were you able to catch at least one of them? How was the experience? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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