Pokemon Go Tips: How to Evolve And Power Up Charmander

Pokemon Go veterans are well aware that evolving and powering up a Charmander is a slow but sure way to groom a powerful Charizard. Fortunately, some Pokemon trainers are willing to share their insights on how to raise a powerful Charmander.

Charmander 101 For New Pokemon Fans

A Charmander is a Pokemon that is both lizard and fire. It's cute looking critter with an eternal flame burning "at the tip of its tail", according to Pokemon Go DB. The intensity of its flaming tail generally depends on its mood and emotion. A happy Charmander will usually exhibit very low flame but an angry one will emit a strong flame. Charmander is also a lot easier to capture in the wild than a Charizard, according to the Pokemon Go Association.

Step in Evolving A Charmander To Charmeleon

1. Capture a Charmander from the wild.

2. Gather 25 Charmander candies to level up your Charmander to a Charmeleon.

Players should also take into consideration the Charmander's current and potential CP before evolving it to a Charmeleon. CP is the strength indicator of the Pokemon. Their CP level varies depending on the player's level.

It is important to focus on a Charmander with the highest CP potential because powering it up will require a great amount of stardust. Such resource is not easy to come by as many Pokemon Go players are aware. Players can determine their Charmander's CP potential by using an IV calculator

 Charmeleon To Charizard

By this time, the Pokemon Go player would have attained a respective XP level. The trainer would have also gathered more than a hundred Charmander candies and a decent amount of stardust to evolve the Charmeleon to its third evolution, Charizard.

It will not be easy but the reward and satisfaction of evolving a Charizard will make all the effort worth it. Players will still have to power up this third evolution Pokemon which by now has earned a decent CP good enough for gym battles.

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