iPhone 7 Expected To Save Apple From Decining With Its Power, Speed And Innovation

The iPhone is expected to be launched within the next few weeks, but it does not have that great a following. Mostly, the negative press is due to the expectation that there is no redesign for the upcoming unit. This lack in an aesthetic change is pulling the unit down, despite the upcoming changes in specs and features.

According to BGR, the iPhone 7 will improve on most, if not all, the current features of the handheld devices. This includes a better camera and a faster CPU and GPU. The improvement on the CPU/GPU is what will set the unit apart from all the competition, including the Galaxy Note 7.

In fact, the publication claims that no handheld can keep up with the performance of Apple's current units, much less the upcoming one. Apple's 64-bit chip is reportedly already further developed than its competitors. And despite the claims of the newest Qualcomm processor, Qualcomm is actually still trying to keep up with the A-series chips. Further, the Cupertino-based company has proved time and time again that they have perfected the equation to optimize software and provide a user experience unlike any other.

Apple previously claimed that the A9 chip, sported by the iPhone 6S, was 70 percent and 90 percent faster in CPU and GPU performances respectively, when compared to the standard iPhone 6. If this jump could have been made within a generation, the public can expect much more power from the iPhone 7.

Time adds that Apple is also making innovations in the upcoming handheld. That is, a replacement for the standard 3.5mm audio jack, the inclusion of a dual camera and water resistance.

Apple is dropping the 3.5mm audio port in preference for one that either connects via the Lightning port, or wireless headset. In addition, the dual camera is expected to produce even better photos, for which Apple is already recognized for.

Lastly, is that the iPhone 7 will be better in terms of water resistance. Apple has in no means, made a claim to its units being water proof. However, video tests have proven that the current flagship is more stable than its predecessors.

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