4 Pokemon GO Lies Players Need To Know

From levelling up faster to catching rarer Pokemon, there are certainly lots of Pokemon GO tips and whatnots out there. While some can prove beneficial and/or helpful, most of them are just plain lies. And believe it or not, they can even result to accounts being terminated by Niantic. So before you decide on following a guide or two, be sure to know if it's a myth or not. Speaking of which, here are 4 lies about the game that you need to stop believing.

Charts About Hatching Pokemon GO Eggs

It's a fact that there have been a bunch of Pokemon GO hatching eggs chart out there. Heck, the quantity even outnumbers that of the total number of Pokemon. These infographics of sort basically tells players what types of creatures tend to hatch from 2KM to 5KM to 10KM eggs. While there's every possibility that one can acquire rare species from a 10KM egg, it's not always true. Why? That's because even a 2KM egg can give you such. Not convinced? Check this post from Niantic.

Catching Legendary Pokemon GO Birds

This is certainly one of the biggest jokes in Pokemon GO. First off, these types of Pokemon aren't available, as the studio has yet to officially release them. Sure, you might have heard of players being able to catch them; however, they were all a mistake and Niantic can attest to that. Note: If you're using a third-party app to catch even a single Legendary Pokemon, better stop. In one way or another, you'll get banned.

Incense Only Work In Pokemon GO If Players Walk Around

Well, partly yes and partly no. In a sense, if Incense is used in Pokemon GO, it can attract Pokemon even if you choose to lie in bed or sit in your couch. But of course, if you move around a little bit, it tends to give you a much better chance of acquiring creatures. Truth is, if players stand still, they can find species in every 300 seconds. As for those who move a lot, they can catch one in as fast as 60 seconds.

Water Type Pokemon GO Creature Only Spawn In Waters

This is absolutely false (same with the idea of Pokemon GO grass-type monsters spawning in grassy areas). Niantic has already iterated in the past that there are only some wild Pokemon that tend to appear in certain areas and/or climates. Generally speaking, the majority of these creatures will spawn in random places -- something that has nothing to do with their respective types. Just because it's a water-type specie, it doesn't mean it'll spawn in lakes or rivers.

What do you think about these Pokemon GO lies? Have you proven them to be false as well? What other myths do you think players need to stop believing? You can share your answers at the comment section below!

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