Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Turns Your Bathroom Into A Recording Studio

By Jomar Teves , Aug 30, 2016 02:26 AM EDT

We all know that singing in the bathroom while taking a bath is one of the best ways to have fun all together. You might have grown up pretending that the shower nozzle is a microphone.

Fortunately, a new device has surfaced in the market - a Bluetooth speaker that is waterproof. This is named as the Splash Tunes, where you can put on your shower and not have to worry about getting it wet, because, in the first place, it is waterproof.

It surely is a very big improvement for your everyday routine inside the bathroom, which is why it is really worth buying. Not that it is only priced at an average of $20, making it really an effortless purchase for you.

Perhaps, another person might say that you don't need one because you can just simply put your phone in the sink and play a song on it.

Yes, you can do that. However, it does not give out the best sound quality there is because your phone is not a speaker even though it has its own minuscule speakers.

What is worse is that the sink may be wet or you may accidentally splash down some water on it. It would surely be a waste to damage your phone just because of your "singing inside the bathroom" obsession.

FresheTech's Splash Tunes Bluetooth speaker is indeed the best way to listen to music inside the bathroom, as it gives you the stress-free experience of just worrying nothing but yourself and your hygiene. What makes this more interesting is that the waterproof Bluetooth speaker is not only limited to bathroom use, but also with swimming pools, on canoes, and wherever you want to bring it.

Splash Tunes is also packed with a full array of features, just like the suction cup that can be fit on to any kind of surface to make it stick there for good, as well as have the needed controls for your convenience. It also gets to float, making it the ultimate musical companion to have anywhere you want to go.

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