iPhone 8 Rumors: Apple's Anniversary Flagship To Feature Curved Screens, New Anti-Theft System And More!

It is very evident that the new and upcoming iPhone of Apple is not going to be as popular as it was with the other previous models. This is primarily due to the iPhone 7's lack of drastic changes and revolutionary new features.

However, Apple is not entirely doomed, as in 2017, it will release to the public the iPhone 8 which will surely be a big hit thanks to the jaw-dropping improvements and upgrades that it will feature for the first time. Nikkei reports that Apple will release three different iPhone model variants by the autumn of 2017, most probably after the next generation iPhone SE release.

It is most likely that the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will follow its signature feature of having a 4.7 inch and a 5.5-inch screen respectively. However, the third model will be a Pro one - the iPhone 8s Pro, will be like Samsung's S7 Edge and Note 7 that have a curve edged screen.

iPhone 8 Specs

Credit Suisse analysts forecast that the release of the iPhone 8 will be a momentous one as it will mark the 10 year anniversary of the iPhone in 2017. It will also feature radical new designs such as an OLED touch screen, new features on its haptic feedback system, wireless charging and a host of other major design and software improvements that will include the processor and its camera.

It makes perfect sense that Apple will risk it all up for this year's iPhone 7, to pave the way for the greater glory of 2018's grandeur entrance of the iPhone 8. Apple is known for revolutionizing the tech industry. Will they still live up to this reputation? Only time will tell (and of course the sales), if the iPhone 8 will be an instant hit.

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