Pokemon Go: Niantic Fixes Gym Bugs, Speaks On Permaban Mistakes

By Benjie Batanes , Aug 31, 2016 04:20 AM EDT

Pokemon Go game developer Niantic recently acknowledged and fixed the Gym bugs. The company CEO also posted a company blog about several issues including Permaban mistakes.

Gym Bugs and Niantic's Reponse

A number of Pokemon Go trainers complained of encountering several gym bugs. Affected players could not conduct proper battles and are even prevented from leaving the gym. Niantic promptly posted a tweet that it's aware of the gym bugs. The developer then fixed the issue within a few hours.

The developer's speedy acknowledgement and repair of the gym bugs elicited positive feedbacks from players who posted their thanks through Twitter and Reddit, according to Pokemon Go Hub.

Niantic CEO Posts on Permaban Mistake

Niantic Chief Executive Officer and Founder John Hanke posted an official blog regarding the company's view on permaban mistakes and how players get the ban. It seems a number of banned players can still get their accounts back.

Hanke warned that using third party tools such as add-on maps can get a player ban. He explained that such apps could be used for data collection and also causes strain on Niantic's servers. The CEO likened them to Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Fortunately, players whose only fault is to use these add-on maps in playing Pokemon Go can have their accounts unban. However, Hanke warned that the continued use of third party apps including add-on maps can result in getting a permaban again.

Bot and Farming Account Still Banned

Pokemon Go players caught using bots and purely data collection apps are still banned from the game. Bots are used to capture Pokemon, engaged in gym battles and acquire PokeStop items. Hanke said that Niantic will continue in issuing Permabans to ensure that fairness is maintained in Pokemon Go. Hopefully these measures will convince former players to return.

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