Pokemon Go Tips: How To Win Gym Battles With Weaker Pokemon and Scarce Resource

Pokemon Go players can successfully win in Gym battle attacks even with weaker Pokemon and less resources than their opponents. One trainer posted a possible way to do this.

Battle Gym Strategy: Attack and Retreat

Reddit user XTCrispy posted an attack and retreat method. Player should retreat after winning over the first battle gym defender with 6,000 prestige points and three Pokemon. The strategy is to avoid facing the gym's top Pokemon thrice. Instead, the attacker will only fight both the toughest and weakest defenders twice.

XTCrispy provided a sample chart for this fight and flight strategy:

Defender 1st Attack 2nd Attack 3rd Attempt

Weepinbell (800 CP) Defeated (-500 Prestige) Defeated Kicked Out

Vaporeon (1800 CP) Retreat Defeated Defeated

Dragonite (3000 CP) Defeated Defeated

                                                                                                     (-3000 Prestige) (-2500 Prestige)

It should be noted though that the winning attacker would have to sacrifice 50 XP bonus for this strategy. Pokemon Go trainers will have to choose between the XP over the time and precious items that could have been wasted in fighting the toughest Pokemon Gym defender.

Battle Gyms

Attacking and defending gyms is the second best part of Pokemon Go. Trainers start by collecting Pokemons in the wild or hatching them with the use of KM Eggs. Players who reached level five can now engage in gym battles.

Players would have to choose between three teams namely, Valor (Color Red), Mystic (Color Blue), Instinct (Color Yellow). The team will tell the player which are the available gyms in their locations.

Battle Gym Defenders

Players are grouped into three and each of them will need to station their best Pokemon possible to defend the gym.

Battle Gym Attackers

Pokemon Go gym attackers usually must have the superior force if they want to eject the gym defenders. But strategy can also be a huge factor in winning and taking a gym.

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