2016 UFO Sightings: Aliens Checking In On ISS And Cheshire Man?

By Adie Pie , Sep 01, 2016 03:30 AM EDT

UFO sightings are exciting, but are usually found away from homes or any normal human activity. However, once in awhile, a UFO enthusiast will report on a sighting so close to home that it is almost eerie. Recently in particular, there has been a report on a hovering UFO within the vicinity of the International Space Station, while another was reportedly hovering directly above a Cheshire man's home.

The Hovering UFO Is Checking On Humans At The ISS

According to Mirror UK, footage showing a hovering UFO around the ISS has left many coming to the conclusion that other lifeforms are monitoring the satellite. The video, which was reportedly taken from NASA's live feed, shows two flashing lights that are moving behind the ISS.

Scott Waring, a UFO expert, claims that the lights are definitive proof that intelligent life exists outside of the Earth. "This is 100% proof that aliens do monitor the space stat," he claimed. He further claims that these aliens are checking in on humans, especially those that are working on the ISS.

The UFO Hovering Above A Man's Home

Meanwhile, a UFO enthusiast from Macclesfield, Cheshire has claimed he saw a UFO hovering just above his home. According to Mail Online, Chris Henry claimed that the black UFO was about the size of a car and liked the sameto a giant trophy or egg timer.

The footage was released on Thursday and Henry hopes that by making the video public, that some sort of conclusion can be reached. "Nobody has been able to explain to me what it is," he said. "I've studied hundreds of paranormal sightings and I've never seen something like this... There's no way it's a drone because it's not the right shape and it's not aerodynamic."

Henry also disproved claims that it was a balloon, reasoning out that a balloon in that weather would not have stayed put as much as the object did. 

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